Blog Box In, Ted Nolan Out on the Island

Those of you who have followed the Canes Country blog for awhile, know that I have been somewhat infatuated with the concept behind the New York Islanders Blog Box since it's inception. I still keep tabs on it from time to time.

After the season ending resignation of it's creator, ex-Director of Media Relations, Chris Botta, there was a question in my mind whether or not the "Box" would be open again next season.

My question has been answered.

Apparently, the Blog Box was such a rousing success that not only will it be continued next season, it will be expanding. The Islanders recently put out a notification with the good news, which also requested that more folk apply for additional blogging opportunities.

It's kind of funny, some of the current blogger's have not updated their blogs in months, while others like B.D. Gallof and the 7th Woman, are very active and are usually a very good read. Good luck to the New Yorkers and keep up the good work!

While the team bloggers have been renewed for another season, Head Coach Ted Nolan was not so lucky. Apparently, he and Garth Snow had "philosophical differences" and Nolan was sent packing with a year still left on his contract.

So what's going on in New York? Was Nolan quoting Plato while Snow preferred Socrates?

The word on the street seems to be that the GM wanted to stock the team with youth, while the coach preferred some more veteran presence. How about a mixture of both, boys?

Now the search is on for a new coach, with ex-Leafs and Hurricanes coach Paul Maurice in the mix. Perhaps Snow can find a coach who sees everything the exact same way that he does? Heaven forbid a coach and GM disagree about anything.

Canes Country has always liked Ted Nolan and we respect him as a coach. He seems to have a bit of an attitude, so it might be tough for him to land another gig right away. But we wish him the best.


In other brief news around the league, the NHL officially announced that the Winter Classic, Part Two will be held at Wrigley Field on January 1st. The game between the Red Wings and Blackhawks will be televised by NBC, just like the contest in Buffalo was last year.

If this was Bettman's idea, it's the best one that he's come up with since he's been commissioner. Now if the bigwigs can just keep it at one outdoor game per year, everyone should be happy.

But how long before they start calling it, the Gary Bettman Winter Classic?

Now there is a happy thought to end the article with.

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