Carolina Has the Second Lowest "Fan Cost Index" in NHL?

Here might be some good news for Hurricanes fans. According to recent research by the "Team Marketing Report", a leading independent publisher of sports marketing, the Carolina Hurricanes have the second lowest "Fan Cost Index" in the entire NHL.

The NHL average "Fan Cost Index" is $288.23 while the FCI in Carolina is $219.52.

The Fan Cost Index is comprised of four average priced tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, four hotdogs, one parking pass, two programs, and two adjustable caps.

The data for the analysis is either taken from each team's website, or given by team representatives by telephone interview. (Carolina did not participate, so apparently their information comes from their website). The following is a listing of each team and their respective cost index-

  1. Toronto - $411.30

  2. Montreal - $361.25

  3. Boston - $352.60

  4. NY Rangers - $348.84

  5. NJ Devils - $339.60

  6. Minnesota - $339.12

  7. Vancouver - $334.43

  8. Philadelphia - $322.90

  9. Calgary - $312.44

  10. Chicago - $312.38

  11. Florida - $309.44

  12. Edmonton - $294.61

  13. NY Islanders - $287.96

  14. Los Angeles - $281.31

  15. Detroit - $279.40

  16. Columbus - $278.66

  17. Pittsburgh - $276.30

  18. Ottawa - $276.09

  19. Anaheim - $274.50

  20. Nashville - $273.38

  21. San Jose - $269.78

  22. Atlanta - $262.48

  23. Tampa Bay - $250.64

  24. Washington - $244.94

  25. Dallas - $244.18

  26. Colorado - $242.96

  27. Buffalo - $222.73

  28. Phoenix - $221.80

  29. Carolina - $219.52

  30. St Louis - $193.26

These numbers are a bit different from my earlier informal review of ticket prices, but my analysis looked at tickets alone, it did not include any of the other criteria included in this report. My previous figures were also just comprised of rounded numbers, so this review may or may not be more accurate.

Here are the prices which comprised Carolina's total expenses-

  • Avg Ticket - $38.39

  • Pct. Change +10%

  • Avg Premium ticket - $75.98

  • Beer - $5.00

  • Soft Drink - $2.75

  • Hot Dog - $3.00

  • Parking - $7.00

  • Program - $1.00

  • Cap - $12.00

The report includes the 10% across the board increase for season ticket holders, so at least that part is accurate. Even though parking is $10 at the gate, season ticket holders can get a pass for an average cost of $7.00 per game. No argument there.

The cheapest beer that I have seen at the arena is $5.25, so maybe they rounded that number down? The soft drink and hot dog prices also seem a bit low. They do not sell programs or "game cards" at the rink anymore, but perhaps they sell a roster sheet for $1.00 at the Eye?

Regardless, it would appear that paying to watch the Hurricanes is one of the better bargains in the league. Couple this index with the occasional "buy one get one free" offer and the $9.99 ticket deals available on game days, and it seems like Hurricanes management has tried to make going to the RBC somewhat affordable.

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