Whitney, Cullen, and Corvo are not included in this cash for Clunkers trade-up program. The Hurricanes need a cash for clunkers program.  Some and perhaps all on the cash for clunkers will be traded or not re-signed.


   Here are some statistics worth considering as the house-cleaning sale begins.  The timing may vary.  I am starting with the highest salaries:


1.  Rod Brind'Amour:  $3,000,000 salary; $3,600,000 cap hit.  +/-  -19;  2 goals, 6 assists.  Last goal October 10th.  Very limited mileage this season, with reduced minutes and one healthy scratch.  Averaging $1,500,000 per goal this season.


2.  Aaron Ward:  $2,500,000 salary;  +/-  -15;  zero (0) goals, six assists.  Takes some creative penalties at unfortunate times. Highest disappointment factor of the entire team when comparing anticipated performance and actual performance.  Engine needs rebuilding by mechanic with plenty of time on his hands.


3.  Scott Walker:  $2,500,000 salary,  +/- -1; 2 goals and 2 assists.  Averaging $1,500,000 a goal.  Great work ethic and team player;  but the years of battle in the NHL have taken their toll on  his health


4.  Sergei Samsonov:  $2,500,000 salary, +/-  -11;  4 goals, 6 assists; averaging $625,000 per goal.  Great hands, great skill set.  In need of confidence building and pairing with teammates with great anticipation and soft hands.  Capable of becoming a classic with some TLC.  None better when fine-tuned.


5.  Nic Wallin:  $1,725,000 salary,  +/-  -8;  zero (0) goals, 3 assists; never a speed demon, but always a great teammate; opinions vary on the soundness of his play; opinions are uniform on his quality as a person; years in the NHL have taken a toll on his quickness and health


6.  Chad LaRose:   $1,500,000 salary, +/-  -14;  1 goal, 5 assists; always hustling; hurt this year but played on despite injuries.  Great sports car; but not suited for an inside, banging power game;  never had great hands; no bigger heart in the league; averaging $1,500,000 per goal.


7.  Michael Leighton:  $600,000 salary;  on waivers and soon if not already now re-entry waivers;  needs a home someplace.  Coaches have zero confidence in Leighton.  Will trade him for old newspapers.  Nice person with talent but somewhere along the line for reasons disputed by all parties concerned self-confidence dwindled to nothingness.


8.   Stephan Yelle:  $550,000 salary,  +/-  -1;  2 goals, 1 assist;  slow adjustment to Maurice hockey; but improving as he got minutes; heart of a warrior and would stop a train with his body if he thought it would help the team; years of NHL campaigns have taken their toll;  averaging $225,000 a goal; 


9.  Tim Conboy:  $500,000 salary, +/- zero (0) goals, zero (0) assists;  coaches seem to have zero confidence in Conboy


10.  Michael Ryan:  $500,000 salary;  zero games this season; hurt entire year with concussion like symptoms;  needs new home for a new start;


11. Jay Harrison:  $500,000 salary;  1 goal, 3 assist, +/- -7;  needs work, but solid in many areas;  a project to be retained by Hurricanes for more refinement and work;

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