Tyler's Picks -

Tyler A was having technical difficulties, could not post,  and emailed me his entry.   Here it is --



Okay, i know its a little early for this but Im bored and feel like posting something to here we go.....


Eastern Conference Predictions

1. Pittsburgh Penguins - Crosby, Malkin, MAF

2. Carolina Hurricanes - Better than last year, and I think it'll be tough, but my bias gives us the edge over Washington for the Division.

3. Boston Bruins - Dont think they'll be AS good as last year, especially if the Kessel situ doesnt get worked out.  I still think they take a weak division this year.

4. Philly Flyers - Added pronger, and emery.

5. New Jersey Devils - Doesnt matter what they do in the offseason, they'll be here somewhere between 4 and 6. 

6. Washington Capitals - Ovechkin

7. Montreal Canadiens - I think the Canadiens may very well suck next year, but they have just as good a shot at being good too, so maybe they'll fall somewhere in the middle, like 6-10th.

8. Buffalo Sabres - If Miller and Vanek stay healthy, Ruffs a good enough coach to get them in.


9.  Ottawa Senators - Not too high on Kovalev, or whoevers in net, or heatley

10. New York Rangers - I looked at their depth chart and tried to make lines, it didnt turn out too well, especially if Dubs situ doesn't get resolved.  Even if Gabby stays healthy and plays 60+ games this year.  Lundquist is in for a long year. 

11. Toronto Maple Leafs - Dont know a whole lot about them, but with Wilson in control they should be getting better.  They stay here until I see what they look like between the pipes.

12. Tampa Bay Lightening - Getting better.  They still have Stamkos, Vinny, and St. Louis.  And the defense should be a little better than last year.  Shaky goaltending, ownership, and its never good when your star player (Vinny) publicly denounces the trading of his favorite player (Vinny)

13. Atlanta Thrashers - They get the jump on on the Isles and Panthers on Kovalchuk alone, plus adding Antropov is good, not great, but good.

14. New York Islanders - JT will be good, other young players will continue to develop, and maybe DP will play one day, but still when your like 20mil under the cap its hard to contend.

15. Florida Panthers - I just dont see a lot outta them.  They've got Horton, and Booth, after that, im just not impressed.  Vokouns a great goalie, but I feel bad for him. 

15th may be a little low, but I just didnt spend too much time on these bottom three teams.

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