The articles about potential trades are increasing as the trade deadline looms large on the horizon.  Increasingly, Aaron Ward is cited as a player who could and likely will be traded at the deadline.  I suspect Ward will yield no more than a fourth round pick; but anything is better than nothing.   


   Here is an interesting article discussing the Senators' interest in Aaron Ward: and a partial quote:


With the Senators in the market for a blueliner, there are a few options:

n The most obvious choice is Carolina defenceman Aaron Ward. Ottawa considered picking him up on waivers earlier this season, but couldn’t swallow his $2.5-million (all terms US) contract. He has playoff experience and will likely be dealt for a late-round pick.

The decision to send Jonathan Cheechoo and his $3.5-million cap hit to Binghamton has freed up money for Murray to spend.

“Ward hasn’t had a great year, but he would help (the Senators),” said one league executive. “He’d be a good guy for them to have around the room and he’d probably jump at the chance to play in Ottawa.”



  Saying that Araon Ward hasn't had a great year is like saying the Titanic had a little bit of a rough time.  Another fascinating question is whether Joe Corvo will be traded.  He has blossomed at Carolina and shown he can play big minutes.  Still,  his injury has certainly raised at least a few questions.  There is no doubt that if a team made Jim Rutherford a significant offer for Corvo,  he would surely trade Corvo. 


   The Whitney sweepstakes are also a fascinating waltz of intrigue and negotiation.  Whitney is perhaps the most experienced winger capable of adding goals and points to a team in the throes of the Stanley Cup Run.  He also is a proven clutch player who finds a way to win.  At some point,  I predict the bidding war will begin and the end result will be Whitney as a rental player in exchange for a first round draft choice and a roster prospect.  The other alternative would be Whitney as a rental for a top prospect forward -- such as Peter Mueller -- and perhaps a second round pick.  GMs realize 29 teams fail to win the Stanley Cup and that the chance to bring home the prize occurs rarely for almost all franchises.  Given the difficulty of success,  it makes sense for GMs to be aggressive in acquiring the pieces their team needs to win the Cup when the chance arises.  Also, with regard to Whitney,  there is a take-out bid aspect to the negotiation.  GMs will be hating life if they come to the finals and then the team's playoff hopes are crushed as the Wizard gets key goals and makes key passes.  As that GM watches his team shake hands with the winners,  the GM is pounding his head on the desk in frustration.

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