Trade Speculations - Corvo


With two trade deadlines right around the corner, I thought I would give you my take on what teams might be interested in our players and what I feel we should be looking for in return.  The Canes players listed are the players that I feel have a shot of being traded.  The teams interested in them are teams that I feel could use their services.  The players, prospects, and draft picks are what I think we could get in return for said player.  This obviously does not mean that these are the only options out there, this is just my opinion.


I am breaking the FanPost down by players, because one would be just too large.  Part Three includes an always coveted right-handed offensive defenseman in Joe Corvo.  Other players will follow over the next couple of days.  Please let me know what you think or what trade returns you would like to see.


Joe Corvo – Chicago, New Jersey, Phoenix, New York Islanders


ChicagoChicago has all the pieces for a deep Cup run, but they need to move some salary for next year and they are not thrilled with their bottom pair defenseman.  One item they could use is a big, right-hand shot on their PP.  Corvo would be able to fill that need, play 2nd or 3rd pairing, and give them cap relief after the season ends.  He could also eat some big minutes for them; allowing their top pairing to get some rest for the playoffs (Keith & Seabrook play a lot of minutes and they are also going to the Olympics).

The players that interest me are LW-Kyle Beach, LW-Billy Sweat, RW-Jack Skille, RW-Dustin Byfuglien, and D-Cam Barker.  Chicago must get rid of some salary, so I think it’s unlikely that we get their 1st round pick and prospects.  They would probably prefer to send Barker out in any deal, but Byfuglien could also be an option.

New Jersey – The one thing that New Jersey is actually missing is a good offensive defenseman.  In the playoffs, the PP will be crucial and imagine a top PP unit of Parise-Zajac-Elias with Kovalchuk-Corvo on the points.  This would make all types of sense to me and be comparable to Washington’s great PP unit.  Corvo could also play in a top 4 role as his defensive side has improved while in Carolina.

The players that interest me are C-Jacob Josefson, D-Matt Corrente, D-Brandon Burlon, D-Tyler Eckford, and C-Adam Henrique.  The Devils have a little cap room left and if Scott Niedermayer isn’t their target, Corvo should be the next in line.

Phoenix – It appears that Phoenix is going to make the playoffs.  They could use a lot to help them, but because of their impending sale; acquisitions are tough.  Corvo could be relied upon to help shore up some of their defense as well as provide a right-handed shot for their PP.

The players that interest me are F-Peter Mueller, D-Oliver Ekman-Larsson, D-Keith Yandle, and D-Nick Ross.  Phoenix has the problem that they can only trade dollar for dollar right now.  This limits what they are able to do and limits what type of return the Canes could hope for.

New York Islanders – New York is hoping they still have a shot at the playoffs.  If their PP doesn’t turn the corner, that is going to be almost impossible.  Mark Streit has not been as effective on the PP this year and Corvo could help that unit.  He could also play some big minutes for an either old or inexperienced defense.

The players that interest me are F-Josh Bailey, D-Calvin D Haan, C-Trevor Smith, and RW-Kirill Petrov.  It’s really confusing as to if New York will make a move or not.  Their only 5 points out of 8th, but they could realize that maybe next year is their better chance.  If they offer their 1st round pick for Corvo, JR should jump up and down and take it.


Here are the trades that I would like to see happen, in order of which one I would most like to see.


Trade D-Joe Corvo to Chicago for a RW-Dustin Byfuglien.

We would get a beast forward that would fit perfectly on a checking line and also be able to screen the goalie or work the point on the PP.  From what I have read he is also a character guy.  They would get a defenseman that can eat some minutes, give them a big shot on the PP, and most importantly; has an expiring contract.


Trade D-Joe Corvo to Chicago for D-Cam Barker.

We would get a young defenseman with potential.  He should be able to fit on a 2nd pairing and maybe develop even more with more playing time.  They would be able to rid themselves of his remaining contract and get a defenseman that could actually help them out in their quest for the Stanley Cup.


Trade D-Joe Corvo to New Jersey for C-Jacob Josefson and D-Brandon Burlon.

We would get a skilled center prospect that is close to ready for the NHL and a defensive prospect that could develop into a good offensive defenseman.  They would get a PP defenseman and someone that could fill in on any defensive pair.

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