Canes Country 2010 NHL Draft - Pick #2


This is the second in a series of Canes Country votes of how the first 10 picks of the 2010 NHL Draft will unfold.  We all have our own ideas of how things will play out and who will be available when the Canes select #7.  I thought a fun way to decide things would be to take a consensus of the people here at Canes Country.  What I will do is offer a few reasonable draft choices for each team.  After a day or so, I will award who the “people” have selected and go down the list from #1 to #10.


2010 Canes Country NHL Draft


1.  Edmonton – Taylor Hall


2.  Boston – On the Clock


3.  Florida


4.  Columbus


5.  New York Islanders


6.  Tampa Bay


7.  Carolina


8.  Atlanta


9.  Minnesota


10.  New York Rangers


We started off with the obvious, the Edmonton Oilers.  The vote was a little closer than I thought it would be, but Taylor Hall came out on top.  Next up is Boston!  Boston was good enough to get in the playoffs, but they are really limited offensively.  They only had one guy score over 20 goals this season and he only had 22.  It would seem that they would be looking at goal scoring with the #2 selection, but the B’s are generally very high on quality defenseman.  Tyler Seguin would look like the “no-brainer” choice, but the Bruins are extremely deep at the center position.  Might they surprise us by selecting Cam Fowler or Erik Gudbranson or even Brett Connolly?


Tyler Seguin – Seguin is the best player available.  He plays a solid two-way game, can pass the puck, can play more than center, and most importantly for the B’s – he can score some goals.  If Boston selects Seguin, they would have some interesting decisions to make.  Savard, who just signed an extension, is one of the best playmakers in the league and is a #1 center.  Bergeron has been the team’s MVP this season and is coming off a surprising trip to Vancouver.  He is possibly their #2 or #3 center and would be entering the final year of his contract.  Krejci is a solid two-way center, could play the #2 or #3 center, and would have 2 years remaining on his deal.  Sabotka will be a RFA at the end of this season, but he has played very well in Savard’s absence.  He is probably only a 3rd line center, but he is definitely deserving of more than 4th line minutes.  Also, 3 of their top prospects are centers.  So, do you just move Seguin or another center to a wing position or do you try to move one of the centers for other assets.  Having too many centers might be a good problem to have; seeing as we don’t have enough.


Cam Fowler – There is plenty of debate as to who is the best defenseman in the draft.  For most of the year, Fowler has been on top of that mountain.  He is probably the most well-rounded defenseman of the “Big 3.”  He skates well, has a nice shot, makes a great first pass, and is solid in his own zone.  He has pretty good size also and would probably make a very good top pairing with Chara.  Chara is starting to get up there in age, so Boston might be looking at developing their next top defenseman; Fowler should be able to fill that role.


Erik Gudbranson – Gudbranson is the more defensive “Big 3.”  He has size, owns a big shot, and also has a little nasty streak in him.  He probably compares more to Chara than any other top draft defenseman.  His offensive side is not as developed as Fowler and Gormley, but he has made significant strides on improving that area of his game.  It would be quite intimidating if you were Eric Staal and had to enter the offensive zone with Chara and Gudbranson staring you down.  Boston is also very fond of big hitters, so Gudbranson would make a perfect choice.


Brett Connolly – This might be a little far-fetched.  Connolly has the skill to be taken #2 overall, but has missed significant time this past season.  He is probably the highest rated power forward and that is an area of need for Boston.  He can score and is not afraid of going to the net, but would Boston take him #2?  If Hall is gone, Connolly is the next best winger.  If Boston chooses to go with an area of need rather than the best player available, they could surprise us and choose Connolly.  That might be bad news for Canes fans.


Other – If you think they should do something else, please elaborate.


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