"Carolina Hurricanes Not Worth Much" apparently to Forbes blogger

There are certain times when something I read just gets under my skin. This happens to be one of those times. 

Michael K. Ozanian, an National Editor at Forbes, posted the following blog:


Hurricanes Not Worth Much


Now, in checking statistics posted by his OWN SITE (as listed below), let's take a look at some information here:

(keep in mind, I'm only using stats back until 2006 at this point)


Current Value: ($MIL)

2006: 144
2007: 156
2008: 168
2009: 177

1-Year Value Change (%)

2006: +44 (This category is a 2-year change due to the 2004-2005 lockout)
2008: +8
2009: +5

Debt/Value Ratio (This is the value of the team based on current deal including arena debt)

2006: 63
2007: 58
2008: 54
2009: 51

I don't particularly see us trending DOWNWARD at all, as the Hurricanes posted the 6th-highest 1-year value change. Again, though, you can make stats prove any point if you manipulate them enough.

He is also quoted as saying the following:

The Hurricanes won the Cup in 2005-06 and made it to the Eastern Conference finals in 2008-09. Yet the team has not ranked higher than 20th in NHL attendance since the 2004-05 lockout save the year after they captured the Cup (15th). Karmanos paid $47.5 million for the Hurricanes in 1994 but much of the price appreciation has already evaporated into operating losses.

Fine, I have no issue with this at all. Stating facts, that's acceptable.

However, this comes after two sentences that just...well, just read.

The folks in North Carolina really don't care about hockey. They care about college basketball and NASCAR.

Now personally, I take major, MAJOR offense to being painted broadly as a fanbase.

I have never, nor will I ever enjoy watching NASCAR. Just not my thing.

I DO like college basketball. I actually enjoyed it a lot more BEFORE getting into hockey though. Now, the last part of the game drags on so bad, I can't force myself to sit there and deal with 10 seconds of basketball, then a commercial, then another 10 seconds, then ANOTHER commercial.

I mean honestly, what if he was speaking about a Canadian team and said "They don't care about hockey, they're more worried about drinking Molson and providing free healthcare, eh"? I've never been a big fan of profiling a broad group just for the sake of making an article.

I'm pretty sure most of the ignorant masses that haven't visited the Triangle area for a game feel the same way. It's almost like cliques in don't go hang out with the unpopular kids just because you THINK they are. Then you go and visit them and realize hey...they're not too bad. Ask the players that keep wanting to return here after their careers are done and see if they share the same point of view. 

Anyways, feel free to add on your thoughts in the comment below. I, for one, am miffed. 

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