Carolina's Leaders in Scoring Consistency For 2009-10

Eric Staal was the leading scorer for the Carolina Hurricanes last season and he also averaged more points per game than any other Cane.  But Staal's critics will point out that he seems to do his scoring in bunches.  That is, he will load up on points in certain games when he is hot, but then will disappear for a number of games in a row. 

After the jump, let's take a look at a report showing the scoring consistency of all the Hurricanes last season.

The following chart shows the player's name, the number of games he played, the points he scored, his points per game average, the games played when scoring a point, and finally the percentage of games played while scoring a point.  The results have been sorted by that percentage.


Player GP Total Points GP % of GP
Points per game w/point w/points
Staal 70 69 0.99 43 61.4
McBain 14 10 0.71 8 57.1
Jokinen 81 66 0.81 45 55.6
Whitney 80 58 0.73 42 52.5
Cullen 60 40 0.67 31 51.7
Sutter 72 40 0.56 34 47.2
Rodney 22 11 0.5 10 45.5
Pitkanen 71 46 0.65 31 43.7
Ruutu 54 35 0.65 23 42.6
LaRose 56 28 0.5 20 35.7
Samsonov 72 29 0.4 25 34.7
Tlusty 18 6 0.33 6 33.3
Cole 40 16 0.4 12 30
Corvo 34 12 0.35 10 29.4
Samson 7 2 0.29 2 28.6
Gleason 61 19 0.31 17 27.9
Boychuk 31 9 0.29 8 25.8
Carson 54 12 0.22 12 22.2
Kostopoulos 82 21 0.26 18 18
Brind'Amour 80 19 0.24 17 21.3
Dwyer 58 12 0.21 11 19
Ward, A 60 11 0.18 11 18.3
Harrison 38 6 0.16 6 15.8
Walker 33 5 0.15 5 15.2

As you can see, not only does Eric Staal have the highest points per game average, he also has the highest percentage of games played while scoring a point. 

We all know that the big center loads up on points when he gets hot, (he does hold the franchise record for hat tricks), but according to these results, he's also the most consistent scorer on the team, (regarding points earned per each game played). 

Another myth busted.


Surprisingly enough, Jamie McBain came in second.  Will he be able to keep up his numbers?

Not surprisingly, Jussi Jokinen came in third, with Whitney, Cullen, and Sutter rounding out the top six.  (Regarding Corvo and Cullen, these numbers just include games played while with the Canes).

Bryan Rodney scored well in the few games he played, but the team might not need him now that they are stocked with offensive minded defensemen.   Undoubtedly, the Canes would love to have him in Charlotte, but perhaps he's holding out for an NHL deal.

Jiri Tlusty spread his scoring out and according to these results was more consistent in scoring than Erik Cole

You know what they say about statistics and those who purvey them, but we will continue to dig out stats for conversation sake during this long offseason.

(with help from Dobber Hockey)

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