Tuomo Ruutu Injury Update [Updated 7/4]

I happened upon the following article courtesy of YLE/Finland where Tuomo Ruutu briefly discusses his recovery from shoulder surgery.  it sounds as though he should be ready for training camp!

He also seems to be on target with his assessment of the team's activity in free agency (notice the optimism :D).  

I'm unsure based on the article translation if he's actually participating in the tennis tournament over the weekend or if he'll be a spectator (perhaps one of our Finn friends can give us an update), if he can play that's really an excellent sign for his recovery.

Per Google Translate:

Tuomo Ruutu recovers in shoulder injury

Tuomo Ruutu is already preparing for the forthcoming season.

Carolina's NHL team’s Finnish winger Tuomo Ruutu’s last season remained unfinished when the winger was forced to shoulder surgery.

Ruutu said he was surprised at how painless recovery from the surgery has gone.

- I've just been able to train normally. Surgery is not affected in any way preparing for next season, Ruutu said in Helsinki on the traditional tennis tournament on the eve of Bermuda.

Bermuda tournament brings traditional Finnish NHL-stars to battle with tennis championship. Ruutu and tennis partners, will pit their skills on Saturday at the Kalastajatorppa fields.

NHL's player markets were opened in July. Ruutu does not believe that the Carolina team will see large changes in the next few weeks.

- I do not think that Carolina is the largest buyers. Yet we have a good team together, "said Ruutu, and pointed out that mere player lists will not solve every success.

- Last season showed that need not be all star designated team, but dynamics can go a long way, Ruutu pointed out surprises for the playoffs.

Edit - Sunday 7/4/2010:

Tap of the glove to Elsker for pointing me in the direction of this article, which I also posted in the comments below.  This is an awesome interview from Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.  I can't find the original article on-line, but an HFBoards member recently posted the English version of the translation.  Jarkko and Tuomo each give their perspectives on the other brother, lots of insight about how both players came to be who they are today.  I loved the comment about what the older brothers were wishing for instead of a baby brother, and also the comments about the consequences of their many competitions.  And back to the original subject of Tuomo's injury and recovery, Jarkko's comments about his injury history and rehabilitation just make it all the more real to me that he views each day he gets to play hockey as a gift.  It's hilarious and heartwarming all at the same time:

HFBoards - Jarkko and Tuomo on brotherly love and sibling rivalry

This is a MUST READ for all Ruutu fans.

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