What Happens in Helsinki... Episode 7: Like Christmas in September


[insert obligatory oohs and ahhs here] - from LTD's flickr site

Hey folks!  The much anticipated and highly touted WHIH t-shirts are arriving!  So yes, you can make a fashion statement during training camp, at the preseason games, and of course in Helsinki.

T-shirts should be in my possession prior to the Caniac Carnival on Saturday.   I have many shirts to distribute so here is the plan!

Caniac Carnival - RBC Center, Saturday, September 18th - I will be attending both training camp sessions.  The second session begins at 11:30 am, and I expect it to wrap up around 1:00 pm.  I will be parked in the RBC Center lot outside of the East Entrance.  On the morning of the Carnival I will post my location here in this FanPost and I will also send it out on twitter (you can follow me here). I will plan to be there for an hour after the end of training camp to distribute t-shirts, so anticipate this being sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.  NOTE:  I will not be bringing the shirts into the RBC Center with me, as I'll be kinda busy.

Training Camp - RecZone, Sunday, September 19th - I also plan to be at the RecZone the following day for both camp sessions.  After the second session wraps up (again anticipated around 1:00 pm), I will be available afterwards to distribute t-shirts.  If the RecZone allows, I'll be in their lobby.  If not, I'll be in the parking lot in front of the building unless the lot is full when I get there. I will post my location here and I'll also send it out on twitter with any updates or changes.  NOTE:  I will NOT have the shirts with me inside the RecZone rink area, as I'll be kinda busy (rinse and repeat).

If you live out of town and made arrangements for me to ship your shirts to you, I will contact you via email to let you know when they are being shipped.

If you know you will not be able to be at either of these times to pick up your t-shirts, contact me via email or Facebook message to discuss alternative arrangements.  Once I get through this weekend and have a chance to assess the number of shirts that remain to be distributed, I will update this FanPost with additional details and I'll send an update on twitter as well.

Also, there are a number of folks that have asked about the possibility of ordering shirts after the initial printing.  I am checking into that and will post information on that here as well.  If you're interested in ordering a shirt, and you didn't order one already, please contact me to let me know.  I need to know size, quantity, and whether or not you are going on the trip and need the shirt before you leave.  Again, I can't make any commitments at this time as to availability, timeframe, or pricing, but the more interest, the more likely I can do a second printing.

If there is anything I failed to cover, just let me know here via comments, or contact me directly.  And again, stay tuned to this FanPost for the latest updates.

Thanks for the interest!  I promise you will be the envy of the fashion world.  Hyvä Canes!

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