Dalpe Lines:

Here are some experimental lines, I'd like to see with Dalpe at center:


   I think this line offers an excellent combination of speed and scoring skills.  Boychuk and Dalpe are excellent in finishing shots off of rebounds and getting pucks to the net.  Cole can be the bull in the china shop and can use his speed and strength to create havoc around the net.


    This line-up intrigues me in that it puts together players who have a very high degree of speed, quickness, and will to compete.  As a third line, they could create very significant match up issues for their opponents and would likely force the defense to bring its top lines to match up against them - thereby giving the other two Hurricanes either better match ups or tired defenders.


    This line up has benefits very similar to having Cole on the line.  Tlusty has size, speed, strength, and skill.  This young line up could cause major headaches for some teams.


 Like a variation of the "big and tall" line, this line does have issues in lack of size, but has no issue in terms of speed, quickness, and desire. 


   This line dominated Hershey in the Calder Cup playoffs.  I really would like to see how this line responds at the NHL level.  Osala has a way of finding the net; and if he could increase his explosiveness he'd could be a tremendous asset.


          Bowman really shouldn't be overlooked in this process.  Bowman's game against Tampa Bay shows his natural scoring ability.

Riley Nash Line:


          Nash clearly has the attention of the Hurricanes organization; and he has the ability to play a strong two way center.  This line offers speed, quickness, and Boychuk and Nash could well work together with their ability to find the back of the net.


          This line is one I envision as being a potential line of the future.  The line has size and speed and all three can find the back of the net.


          From all the praise directed toward these three prospects by the Hurricanes organization, I wouldn't be surprised if they were put on a line together to see how the chemistry evolves.  Nash has great vision on the ice and Skinner has that special radar for finding the back of the net. 


   Here's another version of the "big and tall" line.  LaRose bring energy to any line, so depending on the match ups this line could create some problems for Hurricanes' opponents. 


          I like Tlusty's game and think he could have a break out year.  This line has speed and can crash the net. 


          I am interested to see how this line works together.  Osala's large size and ability to go to the net could give Nash and Boychuk space to use their creativity offensively.


          This line has tremendous potential; and I wonder if Dalpe/Nash might become a duo that makes sense over the long term.


          This line has size, speed, and natural scoring.  I think they could create tremendous issues for other teams.


          I would like to see how this line fares as well.  The Hurricanes organization was very, very happy to be able to draft Bowman; and he has shown significant talent in his short time on the Hurricanes team. 


          This line brings size, speed, and quickness. 


           I wonder how this line would fare; but considering their skill sets, they could be quite hard to stop.

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