My Trade Targets

What I have done here is list some players that I have been keeping an eye on that MIGHT be available to the Canes via trades.  Of course, almost every player is available for the right price, but these are ones that I have read about that could be moved or ones that I think would fill needs in Carolina.  By no means are these the only players available, just ones that I would like to target.  This also doesn’t mean the Canes will acquire these players, these are just some ideas.  Please feel free to add your own “Trade Targets” or let me know what you think of mine.  Hope you enjoy reading this long-winded FanPost!

Johnny Boychuk – D – Boston – Boychuk is a big, physical defenseman that isn’t afraid to use his body.  He’s probably not a top pairing guy, but should fit as a 2nd pairing guy.  He would add toughness and a more defensive focus to our blueline.  He also might be able to move forwards camped out in front of our net.  He doesn’t offer a lot of offense, but will chip in every once in a while. 

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen & Drayson Bowman to Boston for Johnny Johnny Boychuk & Jordan Caron.  Boston gets an offensive defenseman to help out their PP for their playoff run and a prospect winger to fill in their future bottom six.  Carolina gets a physical defender at a very affordable rate and a power forward prospect that should develop into a top 6 winger.

Jordan Caron – RW/LW – Boston – Caron is a young winger with some size that showed a little bit in his brief stretch with Boston earlier this season.  He has some more developing to do, but I think he’s close to being NHL ready.  He adds size, physical play, and is willing to drive the net.  He could be a future winger for Staal or he could add some grit to the Skinner/Ruutu line.

Hypothetical Trade:  See above or Carolina sends Erik Cole to Boston for Jordan Caron.  Boston gets a veteran RW with experience to play on the 3rd line for their playoff run.  Carolina gets a possible Lucic type of winger for their rebuild.

Zach Parise – LW – New Jersey – This is out there, but you never say never with what is currently going on in Newark.  I mean who wouldn’t want Parise on their team.  He provides scoring, toughness, energy, and on & on.  I think NJ will do everything in their power to keep him and even if they do trade him; I think other teams will offer more than Carolina.  But a dream scenario would be Staal centering Parise and whoever; that would be an unbelievable line.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen, Zach Dalpe, and a 1st round pick to New Jersey for Zach Parise.  NJ would get an offensive defenseman, a potential top 6 prospect and a 1st round pick.  Carolina would get a superstar winger to play with Staal and/or Skinner.  This wouldn’t happen though; other teams would offer more for Parise and the Canes wouldn’t be able to pay him what he is worth.

Josh Bailey – C/W – NY Islanders – Bailey is a player that I think is a little under-the-radar.  He hasn’t reached his potential yet, but I think it is right around the corner for him.  He’s more of a distributor than scorer, but I think he may develop into a smaller power forward with passing skills.  He sort of a project, but I don’t think the price would be huge.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends a 3rd round pick to the Islanders for Josh Bailey.  NYI would get another draft pick to add to their ever growing stock pile.  Carolina would get a player that could play immediately on a lower line, but could develop into a top 6 player.

Eric Tangradi – LW/RW – Pittsburgh – Tangradi is a big, young winger that is still developing; but he is probably ready for the NHL.  He is willing to drive the net and also park himself in front of the goalie.  While Carolina lays a lot of hits, we are not a big team; Tangradi would add some much needed size.  In a year or two, he could be a nice winger alongside Staal.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Erik Cole or Jussi Jokinen to Pittsburgh for Eric Tangradi.  Pittsburgh would get a veteran winger for the playoffs for Crosby or Malkin.  Carolina would get a huge winger prospect that should contribute soon.

Alex Goligoski – D – Pittsburgh – Goligoski is not an ideal fit for the Canes; he’s an offensive defense that struggles a little bit on the defensive end.  But he does offer some offense; he has more goals and points than any current Hurricane defenseman.  He’s young, but not too young.  He’s also a left-handed shot, which we don’t have a lot of on our backend.  If we lose Pitkanen, he could “help” with fill the void, but he could not do it alone.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen to Pittsburgh for Alex Goligoski and Eric Tangradi.  Pittsburgh gets another top level defenseman for what hopes to be a SC Finals run.  Carolina gets a 2nd/3rd pairing offensive defenseman and a big, power forward prospect.  I don’t really think this would happen as Pittsburgh probably doesn’t need another defenseman.

Luca Sbisa – D – Anaheim – Sbisa is a young defender that still has a little way to go, but should be a good defenseman in a year or 2.  He can play know, but probably only in a 3rd pairing role.  He has decent size, but is not overly physical.  He would probably be a key guy for a good Canes defense, but we’re talking 2 to 3 years from now; not immediately.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen & Sergei Samsonov to Anaheim for Luca Sbisa & a 1st round pick.  Anaheim would get 2 players that should help out for a playoff push and run, both are expiring contracts, so it wouldn’t necessarily effect any future movements.  Carolina would get a young defenseman that could play on their 3rd pairing and a 1st round pick to help stock the prospect pool.

Troy Brouwer – RW/LW – Chicago – Brouwer is a favorite of mine.  I think he is exactly what the Canes & Staal need.  He has good size, creates space for his teammates, is a pretty good passer, can score some goals, and is defensively responsible.  He could play pretty much anywhere in the top 9, but I think he would be an ideal winger for Staal & maybe Dalpe.

Hypothetical Trade: I think this would require assets that we currently don’t have and I also think any trade would have to come during the offseason, rather than at the trade deadline.  Carolina sends Eric Tangradi (acquired from Pittsburgh) & Riley Nash to Chicago for Troy Brouwer.  Chicago would acquire a couple of bottom 6 players, which they need, that are on very affordable contracts and would still be RFA’s when their contracts expire.  Carolina would be a good all-around player that could probably fill the role of power forward for Staal.  Brouwer will be a RFA at season’s end, so he would be looking for a raise.  He would probably be in the neighborhood of James Neal, but lower; I’m thinking in the $2 to $2.5 million range.

Jeremy MorinRW/LW – Chicago – This young kid impressed me in the few games I saw him play this year.  He is willing to do whatever is needed of him.  He will play around the net and has a lot of goal scoring potential.  He also played with Skinner last year for the Rangers, so they might have some chemistry.  He is probably a 1st or 2nd line winger for the Canes, but may need a little more time to get to that point.

Hypothetical Trade: Carolina sends Erik Cole and a 2nd round pick to Chicago for Jeremy Morin.  Chicago gets a winger to help them return to the playoffs and a 2nd round pick for some compensation of the talented prospect.  Carolina gets a potential top 6 winger that has scored a lot of goals at lower levels.  I really think this is a player that Chicago wants to keep in their system.

Nik Hjalmarsson – D – Chicago – Hammer is a solid, young defenseman that should only get better with age.  He’s gritty, plays solid defense, but can also move the puck pretty well.  He’s not very offensive and his salary is not cheap (about the same as Joni’s current deal) for a defensive defenseman.  He would probably be a top 4 defenseman for the Canes and maybe could be an eventually playing partner for McBain.

Hypothetical Trade: Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen to Chicago for Nik Hjalmarsson.  Chicago would get another top level defenseman that should help them try to defend their title.  Carolina would get a young, defensive defenseman that adds some grit to their offensive defensemen.

Ales Hemsky – RW – Edmonton – Hemsky is a player that has his issues, but also has tremendous talent.  He is smallish & injury prone, but he is a skilled passer that has done pretty well on some talent-lite Oiler teams.  He could be a nice playmaker on Staal’s right side and would hopefully be another PPG player.  It would probably be to this extreme, but I think he could be a St. Louis type of player for the Canes.

Hypothetical Trade:  I don’t think Carolina would do this, but I think this is what Edmonton would want.  Carolina sends Brian Dumoulin and a 1st round pick to Edmonton for Ales Hemsky.  Edmonton gets 2 more pieces as part of their rebuild.  Carolina would get a 1st line, playmaking winger to help Staal out.

Dustin Brown – RW – Los Angeles – Brown is a solid two-way winger that could pay up & down the lineup.  He offers toughness, leadership, grit, and scoring.  He could possibly work on Staal’s wing or Skinner’s; he might even provide some “protection” for Skinner, as Brown doesn’t mind mixing it up.  He’s a quality winger that offers a lot and has a very affordable contract.

Hypothetical Trade: Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen, Erik Cole, and Drayson Bowman to Los Angeles for Dustin Brown & Colten Tuebert.  LA gets a top 2 defenseman, an experienced winger, and a solid prospect that would hopefully kick their team into gear and get into the playoffs.  Carolina would get a great complimentary player in Brown and a potential defensive defenseman in Tuebert.

Colten Tuebert – D – Los Angeles – Tuebert has yet to see any NHL action, but I think he could be just what the Canes need.  He has good size, nastiness to him, and maybe could provide a small amount of offense.  Is he NHL ready, I don’t know; but he should be just around the corner?  He would probably start off in the AHL, but could maybe jump to the 3rd pair at some point next season.  He may end up being a replacement for Gleason, but in the mean time; he should add some toughness to our blueline.  He’s also not the highest defensive prospect LA has in their system, so he might not be as expensive as originally thought.

Hypothetical Trade: Carolina sends Sergei Samsonov to Los Angeles for Colten Tuebert.  LA would get a LW with experience that should be able to help them out, especially on the PP.  Samsonov currently has more goals and points than any Left Winger LA has not named Ryan Smyth.  Samsonov is also an UFA, so he shouldn’t affect any signings that LA might need to do this offseason.  Carolina would get a physical defensive prospect that can add some toughness.

Brent Burns – D – Minnesota – Burns is an interesting option.  If the Canes are looking for a replacement to Joni, he might be the best truly available player.  They’re not the same type of defenseman, but they have some similarities.  Both defensemen skate very well and are both offensive types that sometimes have mental lapses in the defensive zone.  Burns is bigger, a little more physical, and has a much better shot; but he is not as creative as Joni.  You gain in some aspects and lose in others between the 2 players.

Hypothetical Trade: Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen to Minnesota for Brent Burns.  Minnesota would get a minute munching offensive defenseman that should fit it will, since they also have a number of Finnish players.  Carolina would get an offensive defenseman to replace Joni for a couple of season at a decent salary (less than what Joni makes now).

Joe Pavelski – C – San Jose – Pavelski is a solid two-way center that can also contribute on both special teams.  He could potentially make a good 2nd line center with Skinner & Ruutu.  He can also play the point on the PP and take on some of the PK duties; reducing Staal’s PK duties.  He’s more of a playmaker than scorer, but can still get 20+ goals a season.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen to San Jose for Joe Pavelski.  San Jose needs some help on the blueline and while Joni might be a bit redundant with Boyle there, he could reduce some of Boyle’s minutes.  Pavelski might be expendable due to the untradeable players on their roster and Couture’s emergence this season.  Carolina would get a quality center that could play in many situations and should fit within our top 6.

Erik Johnson – D – St. Louis – I think Johnson is a younger version of Pitkanen.  He has great size, skates well, has scoring ability, and is an all-around defenseman.  He would probably cost a lot, but he might be worth it as a Joni replacement.  His contract is currently very affordable and still will be a RFA when his current contract expires.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen and Zach Boychuk to St. Louis for Erik Johnson.  I don’t really think this would be enough, but you never know.  St. Louis would get a more experienced offensive defenseman to help guide them to the playoffs.  Joni should also help St. Louis create some offense.  They would also get another young winger to add to their collection of young players.  Carolina would get a very talented all-around defenseman to take Joni’s place and he would currently be significantly cheaper than Joni.

Alex Pietrangelo – D – St. Louis – I really like this kid and think he is going to be great.  I can’t see St. Louis giving him up, but I would at least try to pry him away.  He has very good size and is displaying a lot of offensive ability, even as a rookie.  The defensive side of his game still has some work to do, but he should get that in gear eventually.  This is a defenseman that I think you can build a defense around and the Canes would be lucky as hell to get him.

Hypothetical Trade:  Carolina sends Joni Pitkanen, Zach Boychuk, and a 1st round pick to St. Louis for Alex Pietrangelo.  I don’t think either team would really do this deal.  The Canes would be giving up a lot and St. Louis has high hopes for Pietrangelo.  St. Louis would get an experienced offensive defenseman, a solid young winger prospects, and a 1st round pick.  Carolina would get a current defenseman that should be a true top pairing guy within the next season. 

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