So who's surprising so far?

I know it's still very early in the NHL season, but there are a few teams that have surprised me so far.  I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything, because Toronto started last season 4-0 before reverting back to form.  But here are a few teams that have surprised me, both good and bad.

The Good

Philadelphia - With their big offseason changes, I expected them to struggle out of the gate.  They have looked better than I expected.

New York Islanders - They have been pretty impressive in the times I've seen them.  Tavares seems to be coming into his own.

Toronto - Their off to a hot start again and Kessel is really lighting it up.  Can it continue; I don't know, but I think Toronto will be in the playoff picture this season.

Florida - They haven't been great, but their winning games.  And they are currently leading the league in PP%.

Colorado - A 5-1 record is impressive enough, but considering all 5 wins have come on the road is even more so.  That1st round pick for Varlamov isn't looking so bad at this moment.

Edmonton - Their record isn't super impressive, but they're competing in every game so far.  And their #1 overall pick is looking like he belongs.

Dallas - I thought they had a good chance at being the worst team in the NHL this season.  Well, they start out 4-1; tied atop the Pacific Division.

The Bad

New York Rangers - They've only played a league low 3 games and have yet to have a real home game.  Well, they zero wins so far and play their next 4 also on the road.  It might look ugly for the Rangers before they even play in MSG.

Tampa Bay - They smoked us out of the gate, but really haven't done a lot since them.  Roloson has looked bad so far; is age finally catching up with him?

Winnipeg - They got their first win against a Pittsburgh team missing 3 important players, but the Jets haven't looked all that good so far.  I wasn't expecting them to be a playoff team, but I thought they would be better than what they have shown so far.  Maybe the win is just what the doctor ordered?

Columbus - For the big acquistions they made this offseason, much more was expected than 0-4-1 start.  Of course "The Wiz" has yet to play because of a suspension and now Carter is out with a foot fracture.  This could get bad for the Blue Jackets and cost someone or a few their jobs.

Vancouver - They haven't been horrible and they are coming off a big emotional letdown from losing the cup, but basically .500 hockey is not what I expected.

San Jose - The Sharks just haven't played how I would have expected so far.  They are too talented a team to be sitting at 1-3 and last place in their division.  I'm sure they'll turn it around, but I think this team might be a little fragile mentally.

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