The Blame Game Should Start At the "P"ea"K"

So the 'Canes lost a big game in D.C.  Who do we blame?

Maurice is a tough-nosed hockey coach working within a sub-par organization unwilling to spend money; do we blame him, or PK for failing to open up the wallet at the beginning of the season and/or during free agency?  (Can't really blame JR because he is stuck with what PK gives him, and he does a darn good job (if not the best in hockey) with what little he is given.)

Its easy to blame the coach, but Maurice has NOTHING to work with!  Everyone wants to blame the coach, but cmon....look at our cap!  This is not unexpected!  Its a terrible predicament, but, I don't blame Maurice; he doesn't have the talent to work with like some NHL teams and is therefore forced to improvise and simply hope for the best. 

At what point do we all sit back and realize that PK, as I said numerous times last year, crapped on our team to maximize short term profits?

Although I am severely irritated after the Caps game, which is seething through this comment (especially after what SHOULD have been goal number 2 was called OFF BY A PREMATURE WHISTLE), I find it hard to place blame outside of our ownership.

(I actually like Maurice quite a bit more after "reading his lips" in the what he said to the officials after the goal was called off...for those that didn't watch, it was a four letter word ending with the word "you.")

Sometimes you have to spend some money in order to make some money, and it seems that PK is content where he we must all enjoy mediocrity until he chooses otherwise.

If you want to place blame, start at the top, and if you don't find fault, then follow to the next level.  I personally find no reason to go past the "P"ea"K" in the "blame game."

I apologize if I am ranting and raving, as I find that I am.  I am not only irritated after our loss, but am irritated at the state of our organization.

Agree, hate, or disregard this fanpost; whether I am right or wrong, its just the way that I feel.


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