Carolina Ready To Stand Pat

With the Brandon Sutter signing yesterday, the Carolina Hurricanes appear to be finished adding any more players to the team.  Jim Rutherford confirmed yesterday that he was most likely done signing players, except for some fill-ins for Charlotte.

The GM said a couple weeks ago that he expected the team's budget to be "a couple of million over the floor" and that is just about where the club sits right now.


Carolina Hurricanes Salary Chart as of, 7/14/11
Cap Hit Actual Cash
1 F Eric Staal  $    8,250,000  $    7,750,000
2 F Tuomo Ruutu  $    3,800,000  $    4,400,000
3 F Jeff Skinner  $    1,400,000  $       900,000
4 F Jerome Samson  $       512,500  $       525,000  
5 F Chad LaRose  $    1,700,000  $    1,500,000
6 F Patrick Dwyer  $       625,000  $       600,000
7 F Brandon Sutter  $    2,066,667  $    1,500,000
8 F Jussi Jokinen  $    3,000,000  $    3,000,000
9 F Tim Brent  $       750,000  $       700,000
10 F Jiri Tlusty  $       525,000  $       525,000
11 F Anthony Stewart  $       900,000  $       800,000
12 F Alexei Ponikarovsky  $    1,500,000  $    1,500,000
13 F Zac Dalpe  $       687,500  $       875,000
 $  25,716,667  $ 24,575,000
1 D Tim Gleason  $    2,750,000  $    3,500,000
2 D Tomas Kaberle  $    4,250,000  $    4,000,000
3 D Bryan Allen  $    2,900,000  $    3,150,000
4 D Jamie McBain  $       850,000  $       735,000
5 D Jay Harrison  $       700,000  $       650,000
6 D Joni Pitkanen  $    4,500,000  $    4,500,000
7 D Derek Joslin  $       700,000  $       650,000
 $  16,650,000  $ 17,185,000
1 G Cam Ward  $    6,300,000  $    6,300,000
2 G Brian Boucher  $       950,000  $       950,000
 $    7,250,000  $    7,250,000
totals  $  49,616,667  $ 49,010,000


With the cap floor at $48.3 million, the Canes are comfortably over.

Obviously, there might be a few changes from what I have listed above, (the players are not listed in any particular order).   For instance, Zach Boychuk and Drayson Bowman are not on that list, but if you subtract Samson and insert one of them, there still is not much difference to the bottom line.

The team needs to carry a minimum of 20 players on their roster, but the list above includes an extra player for both the forwards and defensemen.  The Canes might, or might not, carry those extra players.  I fully expect them to at least keep an extra for the blueline, but perhaps not for the forwards.

The maximum they can keep on their active roster is 23.

The competition at training camp will be intense.  Tlusty, Samson, Dalpe, Boychuk, Bowman, and other forwards will all be fighting for just two open slots in the starting 12.

Other teams in the division have improved, (Washington and Florida), Tampa Bay should continue to be very tough, and a few of the already strong big market teams in the East made more additions.  

It's very early at this point, but do you think Jim Rutherford constructed a playoff bound team?

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