My Playoff Musings

Hey y'all!

These are just my thoughts on the playoffs thus far. My friends don't watch hockey and tune me out when I go on about them. I wanted to share my thoughts in an environment where people know what I'm talking about, even if y'all don't agree. So enjoy the ramblings ahead... there's no straight line of thought.. just points of discussion that I have no one to discuss with.

First! ( and at t the risk of jinxing myself) All my playoff teams have advanced to the next round! That's never happened for me before. It's pretty cool. Ultimately, I want a western team to win the Stanley Cup, but I'm going round-by-round to figure who I'm picking. I just don't care if the Hurricanes aren't in it.

As far as the 3 game 7's coming up: I'm pulling for the Ranges over Ottawa (because of Marc Staal and I don't really like any Canada team...)

Boston over Washington (I don't like Boston, but I do have a serious personal grudge against the Caps and Ovi.)

The Florida/Devlis series has me in a bind. I LOVE watching Devils/Canes playoff series! They're probably my favorite match up because I take bets on which game Marty's gonna lose it. I think he's a great goaltender, but I love that the canes get under his skin. Other than that, I have no grudge against the devils and I know they haven't had a good run and it'd be nice for Martin Brodeur.

I have no feelings toward the Panthers at all. I mean... go Kevin Dineen but... eh.

I do feel that if New Jersey loses, we have a better chance at Zach Parise (... maybe...) So I'll pull for Florida over New Jersey.

My other thoughts are on specific things I've seen in these playoffs.

Penguins/Flyers: Really y'all? It was the only time I felt this statement could be true: "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out". My friend thinks it was good for the sport. He's a casual fan and he loved it. I personally didn't take to the fighting. I enjoy high-scoring hockey, but there's a limit and this playoff series was it. Did you love or hate it?

Discipline: I don't understand why there's no consistency with suspensions/fines in the NHL. If you hit a player in the head: automatic 1 game. Increase games by severity and intent. I believe Shea Weber should have gotten suspended. That 25-game suspension, I think, was ridiculous. 10 games would have sent enough of a message. I just want some consistency. I'm happy they are taking player safety more serious (Brooks Orpik only received 3 games for his hit to Cole in 2006.) I think if it had happened this year, the punishment would have been A LOT more severe... though I may be biased.

John Forslund: I enjoy any game he calls. He's my favorite and I hope he calls more games during these playoffs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my musings.. it's nice to know you care.


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