Some names to keep in mind for draft days 2 and 3

It seems that the hallmark of this year's NHL Entry Draft is confusion. It really isn't a high end affair in that the Top 10 or 20 potential picks aren't considered "sure fire" stars. In fact after Nail and maybe Galchenyuk the remainder of that group seem pretty even and uninspiring. I've said elsewhere that there are a crop of 5 guys or so that I think the Canes would be well served if their #8 selection came from that group which includes:

  1. Radek Faksa

Teuvo Teravainen

Jacob Trouba

Griffin Reinhart

Cody Ceci

However, I think the real opportunity in this draft are the "project" guys...the ones who need a few years of development. After the jump is a list of guys who should be available somewhere between pick 31 and pick 100. We have 4 picks in that range and this draft may allow us to garner some real gems.

In particular there are a number of promising forwards that are raw and need some work. Yet they have some real upside potential. That list includes:

  1. Mark Jankowski - C
  2. Phillip Di Giuseppe - LW
  3. Jarrod Maidens - LW
  4. Devin Shore - C
  5. Tanner Pearson - LW
  6. Brady Vail - LW
  7. Lukas Sutter - C
  8. Christoval Nieves - LW
  9. Nicolas Kerdiles - LW
  10. Stefan Matteau - C
  11. Tomas Hertl - LW
Sure some of these guys might jump into the first round (which means that others will fall). My thought it that there is a thread that runs through this list. Most of these guys have good to adequate size, accurate shots, and defined skill sets that the Canes could benefit from. I've read a bit about all of these guys, but my take-away is that I'd take any two of these guys and be happy after round 4 was over. I'm especially interested in Jankowski, Maidens, and Matteau. All of them reportedly have strong work ethics, outstanding but raw talent and good size (or in the case of Jankowski, project to have good size). So what are your thoughts on these potential draftees? Are there other's you'd add to this list (keep in mind I've focused on forwards here, but that's not a requirement)?
Finally, I'm curious as to the crop of goalies available at this years' draft. I've heard that it is a pretty solid group. We should be able to corral a very solid guy. Here's a list that interests me:
  1. Brandon Whitney
  2. Anthony Stolarz
  3. Jon Gillies
  4. Collin Olson
  5. Linus Ullmark
There is some talk that Stolarz could be the back stop sleeper in this draft. I have read less about these guys, but again they all are seemingly cut from the same mold - big and quick. What other later round goal tending prospects are you watching for? Any ideas on these guys as well?
Regardless, I look for a very active and interesting draft.
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