From the goal out

Been a lot of lamenting over not signing free agents, excitement over improved play late last season, signing of JStaal, bummed folks about losing BSutter. One thing is clear -- the team we have now is pretty darn good. What does that mean in terms of where the team will be after training camp is anyone's guess, taking into account any signings between then and now and how prospects do in camp. Do we really NEED to add anyone else? I thought it would be helpful to take a position-by-position GLANCE at who is on the roster now and whether we're all set or need help w/each position.

Goalie: Cam Ward is one of the premier goalies in the league, period. That said, he didn't have a Cam-like season last year, and there is not a veteran backup healthy on the team. That said, Cam has proven in several years he really doesn't need a backup. - ALL SET

First D-pairing: Looking at the lineup, you see Gleason/Corvo as the first pairing, based on a combination of years in the league and experience playing together. I love me some Timmay, don't get me wrong, but Corvo is not the answer for a first D-pairing. If these guys were the second pairing, they'd be fine. As is? - NEED HELP

Second D-pairing: Maybe it's Pitkanen/Faulk, just based on talent alone. I'm gonna go with that just because Pitkanen/McBain scares me. That said, as long as these two aren't defending the other team's top line, they're not half-bad when playing to their potential. - ALL SET

Third D-pairing: So we're left w/Harrison/McBain, although Harrison had something going w/Faulk last year. I really have no problem with these guys picking up the slack, as long as it isn't late in games. - ALL SET

Third forward line (defensive specialists): Looking at who we have, I'm thinking Jokinen/Nodl/Dwyer, which is not half bad. Of course, losing a BSutter there hurts, but still, playing at their best these guys can do some pretty decent backchecking and get their fair share of breakaways to put pressure on the other team. - ALL SET

Second forward line: You could either have Skinner/Ruutu/Tlusty here or JStaal/Skinner/Ruutu or Skinner/Ruutu/Dalpe. Not sure what we have will gel. - NEED HELP

First forward line: If it's Staal/Staal/Tlusty or Staal/Staal/Ruutu that's not a terrible line, but it's not super great. If it's Staal/Ruutu/Tlusty or Staal/Tlusty/Dalpe, it's a bit weaker. Adding a veteran scorer here would really open things up. - NEED HELP

Fourth line (checking): Tim Brent is really good here, and if you add Bowman, Samson, LaRose, or the other BSutter it could be really fun to watch. - ALL SET

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