Alexander Semin in Krasnoyarsk

Master Class

Alexander Semin gave a master class for kids on Friday, July 27 in his hometown of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. More than 30 children from HC Sokol Krasnoyarsk, the hockey school Semin attended as a youth, participated in the master class. The children attending the class were 8-10 years old. Semin was assisted in teaching the class by Sergei Gimaev (famous Russian coach who is always asked to share his opinion on hockey issues by the press), Yuri Shatalov and Alexander Golikov (former Russian hockey players), Alexander Kulakov (coach of the children), and Maxim Galanov. Galanov is the first player from Sokol Krasnoyarsk to play in the NHL, and Semin is the second. Galanov currently plays for Sokol Krasnoyarsk's VHL team the Falcons. The VHL is a 2nd highest league in Russia, behind the KHL.

After the master class Alexander Semin said that working with children gives him great pleasure. All of the following quotes are from Sokol Krasynoyarsk's website through the magic of Google Translate. Alexander Semin said:

I enjoy working with children. You look at them and just remember myself at their age, you know what it is for them. Apart from Krasnoyarsk as yet never ever give master classes as it is today. In America a couple of times riding with young children, they have there is a more developed. There’s always somewhere to go team, in different schools, organizations.

Semin participated in some school visits organized by the Caps. The Caps would visit local schools and teach the kids how to play floor hockey, and play a game with them. Here's a video of one visit from last season with Semin.

Maxim Galanov noted that master classes such as this one should increase the interest of the kids in hockey.

"Working with children in a master class with me has made ​​a huge impression. It was very interesting to look at hockey on the other side. I can say back to my childhood," said Galanov. "In general, the master class was very good. The main work with children spent Sergei Gimaev, for me it was sort of a little experience in coaching activities. I do not remember that in my childhood were such useful lessons for young hockey players, as it is today. I think these workshops in the presence of well-known players and coaches have to raise even more interest from boys to hockey."

"I understand how important it is to hold similar workshops. For once, of course, a lot can not teach. That's why I always try to tell parents to motivate them to help the child, who tries so hard. I never refuse, a lot of master classes give it emotionally," said Sergei Gimaev. "Frankly, in Krasnoyarsk, we expect slightly fewer children, but when we were told that all the children came, we have decided how much it is, with so many and we will do. Alexander Semin was on the ice, I did link to it kids. I said, look at Sasha, what a "car", he has magic hands and a perfect ride. For children it is very important that Semin was on the ice today," concluded Gimaev.

"I'm not the first time at these workshops. Very pleased that I came Alexander Semin. We did a lot of different exercises, even played. Useful time spent," said youth hockey player Alexei Gubin, born in 2002.

For pictures from the master class of Semin and the kids, please see this article or this article or here.

Gala Hockey Game

After the master class, there was a hockey game with many famous former Russian hockey players participating. Semin, Galanov, Gimaev, Alexander Glazkov (Semin's former head coach with Traktor Chelyabinsk, the Russian Super League team Semin played on when he was drafted to the NHL), goalkeeper Pavel Efimenko, and Alexander Golikov were some of the players. Semin was the captain of one team, which was named after him, and the other team was captained by Vladislav Kudryashov. There was one report that Semin played very cautiously, afraid to accidentally injure one of the respected former hockey players. Hundreds of fans attended the game

Here's a link to a Russian video of the game, including Semin skating around. Here's another Russian video, which includes some of Semin skating around, Semin interviewed after the game, and the players receiving medals after the game. Some pictures of the Semin at the game are found here and here.

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