Who Makes the Jump?

GOD I'M BORED!!! My excitement over Staal and Semin, as well as the overall potential for the upcoming season has been seriously sapped by the stupid CBA negotiations. This board as well has gotten a bit quiet -- I haven't had a legit argument with anybody over our beloved 'Canes in so long I think I forgot how to argue. Anyways, I figured it'd be interesting to dream about who makes the jump from the AHL to NHL this coming season. I'm including the Checkers roster below; from my perspective, the likely candidates are Justin Peters because, well, we need a backup goalie; Drayson Bowman, because the club seems to have confidence in him; and Zac Dalpe, because he's got the goods. Beyond those guys, not sure if anyone else plays enough minutes in Raleigh to stick, and I'm sure at some point during the season we'll see some packaged in trades as the need arises. Thoughts? Now, I would LOVE to see someone like Riley Nash make a splash and be a feel-good story, and wouldn't it be great if Zach Boychuk finally lived up to expectations?

1 John Muse G 5' 11" 175 lbs East Falmouth, MA
35 Justin Peters G 6' 1" 205 lbs Blyth, Ontario
30 Rob Madore G 5' 10" 176 lbs Pittsburgh, PA

Defensemen »

34 Brett Bellemore D 6' 4" 218 lbs Windsor, Ontario
6 Bobby Sanguinetti D 6' 3" 190 lbs Trenton, NJ
29 Michal Jordan D 6' 1" 196 lbs Zlin, Czech Republic
2 Rasmus Rissanen D 6' 3" 205 lbs Kuopio, Finland
3 Justin Krueger D 6' 3" 215 lbs Duesseldorf, Germany
5 Joe Sova D 6' 3" 190 lbs Berwyn, IL
33 Marc-Andre Gragnani D 6' 2" 192 lbs Montreal, Quebec
0 Beau Schmitz D 5' 10" 193 lbs Howell, MI
0 Austin Levi D 6' 4" 205 lbs Aurora, CO

Forwards »

27 Drayson Bowman LW 6' 0" 190 lbs Littleton, CO
25 Chris Terry LW 5' 10" 197 lbs Brampton, Ontario
17 Jerome Samson RW 6' 0" 195 lbs Greenfield Park, Quebec
26 Nicolas Blanchard LW 6' 3" 206 lbs Granby, Quebec
20 Riley Nash C 6' 1" 189 lbs Consort, Alberta
0 Matt Beca RW 5' 10" 181 lbs Mississauga, Ontario
19 Zac Dalpe C 6' 1" 195 lbs Paris, Ontario
11 Zach Boychuk C 5' 10" 188 lbs Airdrie, Alberta
7 Brett Sutter C 6' 0" 192 lbs Calgary, Alberta
14 Justin Shugg LW 5' 11" 194 lbs Niagara Falls, Ontario
16 Sean Dolan C 6' 3" 199 lbs St. Louis, MO
32 A. J. Jenks LW 6' 2" 206 lbs Detroit, MI
12 Brody Sutter C 6' 5" 203 lbs Viking, Alberta
0 Tim Wallace RW 6' 1" 206 lbs Anchorage, AK
0 David Rutherford C 5' 8" 180 lbs Ladner, British Columbia

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