2014 Draft. Where Does Carolina Stand? Top Prospects and Projected Choice

It was only last summer when the Carolina Hurricanes selected center Elias Lindholm and already he has shown growth and improvement, but what will the Canes do this year? Will they go for an all around defensemen? Or high ranking winger? First lets dive into the top six 2014 NHL Draft rankings.

1. Center/RW William Nylander: William Nylander is the son of former NHL player Michael Nylander, has already been ranked one of the top contenders for the notorious 1st pick. (see stats here)

2. Center Sam Reinhart: Another contender for the first pick is Sam Reinhart (another son of a former NHL player). Last season in the WHL he put up an astounding 35 goals and 50 assists.

3. Defense Julius Honka: Julius Honka has definitely established himself as a great D-man and would make a good third pick. (check out his stats here)

4. Defense Roland McKeown: A great player from the OHL has a great potential to go for the fourth pick = (look at his stats here)

5. Defense Aaron Ekblad: Ekblad is another defensemen from the OHL he has the potential to go higher in the draft depending on how his season turns out. He had 7 goals and 27 assist in the 2012-13 season

6. Defense Anthony DeAngelo: Anthony's stats definately place him near the top of the 2014 draft (check his stats here)


So which possible future star do the Canes get? Well, it depends where they place at the end of the 2013-14 season. Most experts say that the Canes would place near last, but as Canes fans know from our Stanley Cup win in 2006 experts don't matter. But you can't completely discard their opinion and in this case I think that they are correct in placing us near the worst of the worst, but there is hope! All we need is a few years to rebuild. So us placing near the bottom places us high in the draft. I say around sixth which means that it should be easy for us to get defensemen Anthony DeAngelo assuming we don't trade the pick.

So where would our pick go?

It is highly unlikely that any defensemen would make the roster right off the bat like forward Elias Lindholm. They would need a few seasons to develop completely in the AHL with the Charlotte Checkers. But a forward with good developed skill could make the fourth line with lots of work on their physical condition.

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