Carolina Prospectus

Brock McGinn at Carolina training camp. - photo by Jamie Kellner

Hurricanes prospects Brock McGinn and Sergey Tolchinsky continue to put up points for their respective OHL teams proving themselves NHL ready.

Brock McGinn and Sergey Tolchinsky are two of the Hurricanes top prospects that are currently ripping apart the OHL and are certainly making a name for themselves.

McGinn is a part of the Guelph Storm and has 15 goals and 15 assists in just 18 games. Believe it or not, he’s not the top scorer in the OHL. However, he is tied for first in goals.

Tolchinsky, the Russian right-winger playing for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, is only one point ahead of McGinn with 14 goals and 17 assists for 31 points.

Nail Yakupov was 4th in scoring the season before he was drafted first overall, I think it’s safe to say McGinn, ranked fifth in scoring, and Tolchinsky, ranked third in scoring, are on the right track. McGinn was also given the honor of being named OHL Player of the Week from October 21st-27th. McGinn has also managed to keep his 18 game point streak alive as he tallied an assist on the Guelph Storm’s go-ahead- goal against the Sudbury Wolves Sunday, November 3 making it their 10th straight win. McGinn has shown that he definitely has the skillset to play in the NHL.

BrockMcGinn (via PuckLifeMag)

Tolchinsky is a clear beast on the power play. The Russian has scored seven goals with a man advantage for the Greyhounds. Tolchinsky put two goals and an assist on the board as the Greyhounds beat the North Bay Battalion 5-3 last night. With Tolchinsky’s offensive performance so far in the OHL, it’s surprising to see a young talent like himself be passed up in the NHL draft. The Canes surely got a steal by agreeing to terms with this Russian.

6 goals by Sergei Tolchinsky at 2012 world hockey U17 challenge (via max simon)

Carolina is a young team, and we’ve known that for the past few years. Being young and talented doesn’t always make you good. Look at the Edmonton Oilers. They have some of the top young stars in the league, yet, they are dead last in their division. Carolina has a very promising future with the young stars they have acquired. However, the Canes wouldn’t have gotten to the Stanley Cup if it weren’t for the veteran leadership on the squad. If the Canes can keep the young guns coming and add some more veteran skill, I think they’ll be in good shape.

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