My Tribute to EK (Crazy Trade Proposals)

Let me start off by saying this is all in fun. There is no truth in this, just thought it would be fun and see how some of you would respond.

I somewhat frequently stop by and check out the latest fake trades and news at HockeyBuzz (aka Flyers News), just for a laugh or to see what's going on around the NHL. One of the things I notice is there are rarely any crazy Carolina trade rumors, so I thought I would come up with some of my own. These outrageous hypothetical trades are mostly meant in jest, but I did try to put a little thought behind them. So take a look, let me know what you think and maybe post one of your crazy EK trades.

Trade Rumor #1

D - Joni Pitkanen & F - Zac Dalpe to St. Louis for RW - T.J. Oshie & D - Ian Cole.

St. Louis has been rumored to be looking for a left-handed defenseman that could play some big minutes, maybe even with Alex Pietrangelo. Pitkanen would possibly fit that bill. He is still under 30 years old, is very mobile and can eat a lot of minutes. Putting Pietrangelo & Pitkanen together could form a very formidable top pairing. The key return to Carolina would be Oshie. While he is not a big guy, he plays a gritty game with some skill. He plays a game everybody would fall in love with in Raleigh, but he does have some injury concerns. I think Oshie would be an awesome compliment to Jordan Staal on the Canes 2nd line, allowing for some nice cycling and puck possession. The Canes would also acquire Cole, a young defenseman that has nice size and blocks some shots. He still has some developing to do, but could be a nice addition in the future. The Blues would also acquire Zac Dalpe, who might need a change of scenery to get his NHL career going. Dalpe is a talented scorer that can play both center & right wing. He's proven himself at the AHL level and might be able to do so again in St. Louis.

Pitkanen has another year on his contract at $4.5 million cap hit & salary. Dalpe will be a RFA after this season. Oshie has 4 years left after this year at $4.175 million cap hit, his salary increases to $4.5 million the last 3 years of his deal. Cole will be a RFA after this season. So, dollarwise it is a pretty even trade. And yes I realize that Oshie is currently injured.

Trade Rumor #2

LW - Jeff Skinner to Phoenix for LW - Mikkel Boedker, D - Brandon Gormley & a 2013 2nd Round Pick.

The Coyotes are a troubled franchise and are sporting one of the lower Goal per Game in the league. They have actually been shutout for three straight now. What a boon for that organization would it be to acquire a player like Skinner? It would give them a offensive player to build around without having to give up Oliver Ekman-Larsson. The Canes would acquire a solid two-way forward that has speed and some upside in Boedker. Maybe he could develop more into a scoring winger if lined up beside Jordan Staal. The Canes would also get the young Brandon Gormley. He is a player I was hoping the Canes would try to get in the draft. Gormley still has some developing to do, but he projects as a solid two-way defenseman with top 4 potential. Maybe in a year or two, he would be ready and I would love a potential top pairing of Gormley/Faulk for the future Canes. Also acquired would be a 2nd Round Pick in this year's draft. This draft is suppose to be deep, so a good player could be selected with this pick.

Skinner's new deal takes effect next season, it is a 6 year deal worth over $34 million. His average cap hit will be $5.75 million. Boedker is currently making $1.1 million and will be a RFA next season, so he would probably get some type of raise. Gormley is in the first year of his Entry-Level deal with a cap hit of $1.315 million. So the deal would be a financial savings of around $3 million for the Canes. Maybe this would allow for Carolina to resign Alexander Semin to a longer term deal.

Trade Rumor #3 (this one is for Stinky)

F - Jussi Jokinen & W - Chad LaRose to Nashville for RW - Patric Hornqvist & D - Hal Gill.

Nashville's forward ranks are not exactly loaded with talent and because of some injuries they are even more shallow. Jokinen would provide them with some versatility and some talent. He has struggled this season, but would be be 5th on the Predators in goals. He is over a 0.60 ppg player in his career and could possibly use a change of scenery to get things going. LaRose would be a player that looks like he fits in the Nashville lineup. He's somewhat small, but an agitator and could potentially replace Jordan Tootoo, who was lost in free agency this past summer. The Canes would get a solid winger that can score some goals and is pretty good around the net. He's probably a 2nd/3rd line tweener, but could provide a little offense to those lines. Gill would be brought in to be to be a physical bottom-pairing defenseman that has some experience. His best days are now behind him, but he could help a non-physical Carolina team. Especially come Playoff time (if the Canes make it) when everything gets more physical.

Jokinen will have a year left on his contract after this season at $3 million. LaRose is in the last year of his deal at $1.7 million cap hit. Hornqvist is making just over $3 million in this, the last year of his current deal, but he will be a RFA. Gill has one season left on his contract at $2 million, he is also a 35+ contract. So the numbers are pretty even as of right now, but it would probably cost the Canes a little more if they were to qualify Hornqvist. I also realize that Hornqvist, Gill and LaRose are all out with injuries.

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