Canes Country Playoff Pick-em: Conference Finals


We're down to the final four, hockey fans. Make your fearless prognostications for the Conference Finals in the Canes Country Pick-em Challenge!

Hey folks, I'm the messenger this week while Brian is away, and while I certainly won't try to replicate his rapier wit and irrepressible charm, I will bring you the current standings for the Canes Country Pick-em Challenge and open up the floor for the Conference Finals.

And what a round this should be. For the first time since 1945, the four previous Stanley Cup champions meet in the conference finals. In the Eastern Conference, the #1 seed and 2009 Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins face the #4 seed and 2011 Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. Representing out west, the #1 seed and 2010 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks meet the #5 seed and defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings. Double-header Game coverage begins Saturday at 5:00 pm with the Hawks versus the Kings, and the Pens and Bruins will follow at 8:00 pm.

Here are the Pick-em standings after Round Two:

Corey S: 25
Jamie: 25
Patrick Clarke: 22
mburgess00: 21
Shrilnixx: 21
eburges1: 20
Incipient_Senescence: 20
PackPride17: 19
anonymousJ: 19
Bgallen: 18
ltd2point0: 17
PittsburghCaniac: 16
CaniacChica: 15
Cory L: 15
GoCanes77: 15
b.axeman: 14
ctlentz: 14
keebler elf: 13
lsleblanc82: 13
formersaint: 11
Limelon: 11
rabidwolf123: 10
Kram170: 10
caniac97: 9
Bob: 9
Hockeydog: 9
Brian: 9
Cathye: 9
RobbinDollar: 7
Feast of Maximum Occupancy: 6
ASU-: 5
CruelIn10tions: 5
Sara James: 4
jbwhite99: 4
CoastalCane: 3
hotchipsnsalsa: 2

Now for the Conference Finals we up the ante as the points get bigger. So, no one is out of the running! For this round, picking a correct team will net you 4 points, with 8 bonus points if you guess the correct number of games. Your picks need to be in the comments section and time-stamped by 5:00 pm on Saturday in order to count.

Here are the bold predictions from the Canes Country brain trust.

Eastern Conference Western Conference
(1) PIT vs. (4) BOS (1) CHI vs. (5) LAK
Bob Penguins in 6 Hawks in 7
Cory L. Penguins in 5 Kings in 6
Brian Penguins in 7 Kings in 6
Jamie Penguins in 5 Kings in 6
Corey S. Bruins in 6 Kings in 7
PackPride17 Penguins in 6 Hawks in 7

Who ya got this round? Bring it on!

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