Canes Country 2013 Playoff Pick-Em: Stanley Cup Final


We're down to the grand finale and just about anyone can still win the pick-em. Make your Stanley Cup Final picks here!

Two teams to go, and 24 more points on the line. And seeing as how the leaders only have 29 points themselves, pretty much everyone can potentially still win this thing.

First up: here's what the standings look like after the conference final:

Corey S: 29
Shrilnixx: 29
eburges1: 28
anonymousJ: 27
PackPride17: 27
Jamie: 25
mburgess00: 25
keebler elf: 25
Incipient_Senescence: 24
Patrick Clarke: 22
Bgallen: 22
PittsburghCaniac: 20
ctlentz: 18
ltd2point0: 17
CaniacChica: 15
Cory L: 15
GoCanes77: 15
b.axeman: 14
lsleblanc82: 13
Bob: 13
Hockeydog: 13
formersaint: 11
Limelon: 11
Kram170: 10
rabidwolf123: 10
Brian: 10
caniac97: 9
Cathye: 9
jbwhite99: 8
RobbinDollar: 7
CoastalCane: 7
Feast of Maximum Occupancy: 6
ASU-: 5
CruelIn10tions: 5
Sara James: 4
hotchipsnsalsa: 2
salim: 0

Special props to keebler elf, who was the only person to correctly pick the Blackhawks in 5 and thus earned 12 points. No one had the Bruins in a sweep, unsurprisingly, so the standings are totally jumbled up. (More to the point: the max points to this stage of the playoffs is 72, and our leaders have 29 apiece. Just goes to show what a fool's game predicting playoff series really is, says the guy with ten measly points.)

And now the stakes go even higher. In the Stanley Cup Final, picking the correct team earns you 8 points. Getting the correct number of games for that team to win the series in gets you 16 (!) bonus points, for a total of 24 points on the line.

Since this is the final round, there is a tiebreaker to pick as well. The tiebreaker is the total number of goals scored by both teams in the entire series. The Price is Right rules are in effect if needed: the closest to the correct number of total goals without going over wins the tiebreaker.

Picks must be in by Wednesday night at 8:00, when Game 1 begins. Here are the CC writing staff's picks. Who ya got?

Stanley Cup Final
(W1) CHI vs. (E4) BOS
Total Goals in SCF
Bob Blackhawks in 6 27
Cory L. Blackhawks in 6 26
Brian Bruins in 6 28
Jamie Bruins in 6 24
Corey S. Bruins in 7 22
PackPride17 Blackhawks in 6 27
C-Leaguer Blackhawks in 5 27
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