Canes Country's 2013 Playoff Pick-Em: Final Standings


How did you do in Canes Country's first annual playoff pick-em? Find out here and maybe even brag a little!

We promised that anything could happen in the final round with so much at stake. Lo and behold, anything did happen.

Congratulations are in order to eburges1, who won this year's pick-em with a grand total of 52 points, one point higher than PackPride17 at 51 points and three above the two who tied for third, keebler elf and mburgess00 (I notice a trend of Burgesses doing well here) with 49 points apiece.

What's really astounding about Ms. eburges1's rampage through the playoffs is that she only picked two incorrect winners in the entire playoffs, and was a perfect 7-for-7 in the 2nd through 4th rounds, the only person in the entire competition to sweep the final three rounds.

Eleven people picked the Blackhawks in 6 in the final, second only to the 18 who picked the Blackhawks to beat the Wild in 5 in the first round in terms of the number of correct guesses. There were 96 possible points available, 24 in each round, and only five folks even got halfway to that number, a true reflection of how completely unpredictable these playoffs were this year.

And further proving my own prowess at predicting these things, if you take a magnifying glass to the standings you'll see yours truly way down there tied for 27th, with a lovely oh-fer in the final two rounds. Charming.

Anyway, here are the final standings, taking into account the final-round tiebreaker. If you'd like to see the entire spreadsheet with everyone's picks, click here.

1. eburges1: 52
2. PackPride17: 51
3. keebler elf: 49
4. mburgess00: 49
5. Incipient_Senescence: 48
6. ctlentz: 42
7. Cory L: 39
8. Bob: 37
9. Hockeydog: 37
10. anonymousJ: 35
11. jbwhite99: 32
12. Patrick Clarke: 30
13. Shrilnixx: 29
14. Corey S: 29
15. PittsburghCaniac: 28
16. Jamie: 25
17. ltd2point0: 25
18. lcd 2you: 24
19. b.axeman: 22
20. Bgallen: 22
21. CaniacChica: 15
22. GoCanes77: 15
23. RobbinDollar: 15
24. lsleblanc82: 13
25. formersaint: 11
26. Limelon: 11
27. Brian: 10
28. Kram170: 10
29. rabidwolf123: 10
30. caniac97: 9
31. Cathye: 9
32. C-Leaguer: 8
33. CoastalCane: 7
34. Feast of Maximum Occupancy: 6
35. ASU-: 5
36. CruelIn10tions: 5
37. Sara James: 4
38. hotchipsnsalsa: 2
39. salim: 0
40. Caniac996: 0

Thanks to everyone for playing. We hope you enjoyed it, and we'll do it again next year!

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