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Hurricanes Newsstand — May 26


The Carolina Hurricanes will look to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins and extend the Eastern Conference Finals series tonight at the RBC Center. The reasons for the Pens' 3-0...

Things Could be Worse


Things could be worse for fans of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Raleigh - A Hockey Melting Pot


It's no surprise that there are a lot of Pittsburgh Penguins fans at Carolina Hurricanes games.

Hurricanes Newsstand — May 25


Too much Geno + too much Sid = 3-0 hole. That's where the Carolina Hurricanes sit right now, waiting for a chance at a shred of redemption in Tuesday's Game 4 at the RBC Center. Simply put, the...

Happy Memorial Day


Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and a thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Introducing Scott Cason


Allow me to introduce a new contributor to the Canes Country family, Scott Cason. Scott has been blogging about the Canes for quite some time, (before his self-imposed hiatus) and I always enjoyed his viewpoint and sense of humor. We have worked on a couple of joint projects in year's past, (including a podcast, which was almost picked up by XM radio's, The Gary Bettman Show). ha! A recent tweet on Twitter brought us back in contact again. Cory and I decided to ask Scott to join us because he's an excellent writer who sometimes has a different take on things. We feel that he will help stimulate more discussion here and will be a benefit to us all. He's also bound to make us smile a bit. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourselves for some Casonblog on Canes Country. Welcome Scott!

Game 3 Sponsored by My Bloody Valentine 3D


Big Russian flightless waterfowl of evil continues dominiation of Canes.

Carolina on the Brink - Pens 6, Canes 2


The Carolina Hurricanes drop game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 6-2. They stand on the brink of elimination.


Live Game Thread - Pens at Canes, Game 3


Ruutu Probable, Still a Game Time Decision


Tuomo Ruutu took the pre-game morning skate and looked pretty good. He will probably play tonight unless there is an "increase in swelling".

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