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Islanders vs. Senators Preview and Gameday Thread


The Islanders host the Senators for a 1 p.m. Presidents Day start. This is a Gigantor-sized contest, as the Senators are one of the teams the Isles must catch to continue to dream their impossible...

JMFJ: Kings 4, Islanders 3 (SO)


I don't have enough energy to write a full post, but I will say that out of these last five road games, this one against the New York Islanders has been the weakest one for the Kings. Well... you...

The Thing I Hate Most About the Edmonton Oilers


I’m not a guy who "hates" hockey players, as a rule. I’m not a big fan of Todd Bertuzzi, as an example, or Mike Comrie, or the Apostate, but I don’t hate them, for a ton of reasons. Matt Cooke...



There was a time when Doug Weight was easily the most important player on the Edmonton Oilers. He was the team captain, and its leading scorer – in his final year with the club, Weight’s 90 points...

Blogger's Remorse? Nyet


"Bubba's Inbox" has been pretty busy the past day or so. Of course it only figures that a post-game article which was quickly thrown together during the heat of the moment late on a Saturday...

Guest Feature - Fight Fire with Fire?


((From time to time I will get a request from a fan to allow them the opportunity to voice their opinion here on the blog. "C-Leaguer" recently sent me an email and asked if I would post his point...

No More Love for Weight - Canes 4, Islanders 3


This blogger has been a fan of Doug Weight for a long time. Tonight, the fandom is over. In the third period while rookie Brandon Sutter was extending himself and trying to make a play on the...

Florida Quietly Moves up to First - Canes at Islanders Pregame


Don't look now, but while the favorites to win the Southeast Division have recently faltered, the Florida Panthers have climbed up to first place. The Caps have lost their last three games and the...

Islanders Bloggers Interview Doug Weight


Islanders Blog Box mainstays, Dee Karl and BD Gallof interviewed Doug Weight over the weekend and put the session up on "You Tube". Weight has certainly not lost his sense of humor as he...

The Weight For Scott is Over? Andy Mac to Blues


(See what I did there? The "Weight?" GET IT???)I guess Earl is gone for the weekend, so I thought I'd go ahead and put this up for you guys to talk about: Andy McDonald has supposedly been traded...

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