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Three Defencemen


My personal belief is that Joni Pitkanen will not play another game in an Oilers uniform. I think Lowe looked at his core, young defencemen (Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Pitkanen), and decided that Gilbert...

Prendergast's Comments


Some interesting comments from Kevin Prendergast in the Sun today."I think Denis wanted to do a one-year deal and see how it goes," said Oilers vice-president of hockey operations Kevin...

Joni Pitkanen- 2002


Stumbled across this article (http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/draft02/2002-06-24-usat-draftline.htm) while looking into the Oilers selection of Robin Kovar (subsequently voided) in 2002. It...

Pitkanen Injured


According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, Joni Pitkanen has suffered a mild knee injury and will not play in the World Championships.From the article:"I got a message from MacT (Oilers head...

Trades and Signings


Robin Brownlee has an interesting piece over at Metro News today about the Ryan Smyth trade. The bottom of the article includes two items which have been bandied about the Oilogosphere for the last...

Joni Pitkanen Update #328


The Fourth Period is reporting that negotiations are set to begin with Joni Pitkanen on a long-term contract. From the story:The Oilers would like to give Pitkanen locked up to a long-term...

Offensive Defensemen


Craig MacTavish is a good coach. I firmly believe that he's in the upper echelon of NHL coaches, and that he has put together some pretty remarkable seasons with some fairly dysfunctional teams.C...

The Case for Another Defenseman


I've been practicing cart-before-the-horse style thinking at this blog lately. My "UFA Option" pieces are posted with the assumption that the Oilers have two or three significant areas of need,...

Visnovsky to Edmonton


That fellow in dark is the newest member of the Edmonton Oilers, Lubomir Visnovsky. He has been acquired in exchange for Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene, proving that in a salary cap world, the extras...

Assuming Pitkanen Stays...


Let’s assume, for a moment, that Kevin Lowe is a big believer in Joni Pitkanen as a hockey player. Let’s further assume that he is on the 2008-09 squad in ink. What does our team look like,...

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