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The YoungBlood

This week the Hurricanes held their annual strength and conditioning camp for prospects. The following attended:

Newly signed:
Brett Carson
J.D. Forrest
Mike Angelidis
Justin Peters

Recently Drafted:
Joe Barnes
Nicolas Blanchard
Stefan Chaput
Bobby Hughes
Justin Krueger
Harrison Reed

None of these guys has much a chance to make the big club this year, but at least they have a chance to get their feet wet and learn conditioning techniques from the zen Master himself, Pete Friesen. We'll see who makes it back to training camp next month.

Last night I was reading an interesting article posted by the Prince of Pucks, Spector from Fox Sports about some of the remaining unsigned free agents. Let's take a look at the list and my opinions about them:

Jason Allison: Good powerplay guy who averages about a point a game played. Still has injury issues which limits his earnings potential. Too many question marks about speed and defensive liabilities during 5 on 5 play. My guess, he gets a 1 year contract somewhere in the west at 1 to 1.5 million.

Peter Bondra: I just can't see this guy ending up anywhere but Washington, but I thought the same thing last year. I predict he gets a 1 year deal at 1 million with the Caps.

Anson Carter: This guy thinks he's worth 3 million per year over multiple years. Obviously that is not the case since he hasn't signed anywhere yet. I look for him to sign for 1 year at 2.5 million or 2 years for 4-4.5 million. My guess would be Detroit or the Leafs. (same as Spector noted)

Radek Dvorak: Who knows and who cares?

Mike Dunham: Many qustion his health and if he doesn't pass a physical clearing him to play, his NHL days are over. If he does pass I guess he will end up on the Island at minimal pay.

Sean Hill: This ex-Cane had a very good year 3 years ago, his last with us. As expected though he bombed in Florida and was bought out earlier this year. I'd like to see him play again and wouldn't cry about it if the Canes picked him up at the league minimum. (At least I could get my Hill sweater out of the closet again). Can he keep up in the new NHL? It looks as though there are more doubters than believers out there.

Greg Johnson: Not sure why no one has signed him yet. Decent 2 way player. Will fill in a roster somewhere.

Viktor Kozlov: The Prince thinks his days in the NHL are over and I won't disagree.

Brian Leetch: Obviously Brian wanted more money than the market dictated for the past month. He'll have to make a decision, play for less than he originally wanted, or retire. Would be cool if he finished his career with the Rangers. Do they want him?

Owen Nolan: This guy is a mystery. Is he healthy yet? Is he allowed to play during this dispute he has going on with the Leafs? I don't think anyone knows what's happening with this dude.

Yanic Perreault: Anyone need a good faceoff guy? Other than that you might be asking too much although he did have 22 goals last year. Maybe he's asking for too much money?

Dick Tarnstrom: I'm surprised he didn't resign with the Oil.

In my opinion, the longer these guys wait to sign, the more their value drops. By time September rolls around, they better have a home or chances are they will end up homeless.

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