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This just in, Frank Kaberle's shoulder has not improved and he had surgery today. He is out for 4-6 months. I guess Rutherford knew what he was doing when he invited (or accepted the invitation) of Tanabe for lunch! This is a sad event for Frank and Caniacs but again one of the costs of a super short off-season and winning the Cup. Good thing we have Hutch, Babchuk, and Derrick Walser waiting in the wings. "Derrick Walser" you ask?? Yes, Walser! In my opinion, Walser could be the surprise of this camp. Walser is a former CHL and QMJHL all-star. In his last year in the QMJHL he scored 110 points in 70 games. (yes, he is a defenseman!) On paper, those are Bobby Orr type stats! After being drafted by Columbus he was shuffled back and forth between Syracuse and the Blue Jackets for a couple of years before being traded to the Canes in the Andrew Ladd (draft pick) deal. He spent two years in Germany, last year finishing with 43 points in 48 games. The Canes signed him to a 2 way deal this summer and invited him to camp. Who knows, he might just thrive in coach Lavi's uptempo offense first game.

I attended practice today and most of the Canes are now in town, (if not all of them). I arrived late but watched them go through a few drills and then they just took turns shooting one timers and passing to each other. The Babchuk slapshot is really a thing of beauty to watch. It's good to see the other guys on the ice. You really appreciate the speed and power of these pros when you watch them up close in an informal setting. Some pictures are in the "Extra Stuff" section. More news tomorrow.

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