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Ring of Fire

The New Jersey Devils flew into town last night and the same night Apex had a chemical fire which still can't be put out. Coincidence? I think not! Who knows what black magic the Devils are conjuring up. Apparently GM Lou Lamoriello made a few last minute deals with el Diablo himself when he got his team under the salary cap at the very last minute. Tonight the Canes hope to get their first win of the season and should have an advantage over the Devils who are playing their very first game of the season and will be playing with new signees Paul Martin and Brian Gionta, two players which didn't have the opportunity to play any pre-season games.

I wonder if the flu bug hit Marty Gerber last night when he was lit up for 5 goals and replaced by Ray Emery? Flashbacks of the playoffs Martin? I dropped Marc-Andre Fleury from a couple of my fantasy hockey teams after reading where he might not even make the team this year. I should have stuck with my first hunch rather than believe what I read. I'd have a shutout right now! The Blackhawks came out firing against the Preds scoring 8 goals against Vokoun. The Canucks beat Detroit at home. The list goes on, there were a few surprises last night which makes for an unpredictable and exciting season!

Last night was a bad night for betting the favorites as many home teams bit the dust. See why it's not worth the risk betting $10 to win $4? Anyone can beat anyone on any given night, so you really can't take betting seriously or use large amounts of money. I came out $2 ahead as the Lightning won (+$12) and the Flames lost (-$10). In the future I will keep track of the betting odds and sample bets on another page so people who might not be interested in that don't have to see it on the main page.

A couple more hours til gametime, go Canes!

Johnny Cash