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Feeling All Right

Tonight two teams face off that are both feeling pretty good about themselves. The Canes have won 3 in a row, the past two games by 5-1 scores. The Sabres have won 6 in a row and are undefeated so far this regular season. Both goalies have been on top of their games lately. Buffalo will be at home and they are sure to be much more comfortable than the visitors, but the Canes might come out with a bit more purpose after dropping their season opener in a shoot out loss to these Sabres. Any way you slice it, this should be a very close, fast paced, and intense game. Not that I'm a homer or anything, (insert smilie here), but I predict the Hurricanes to prevail this time around. The Sabres can't very well go undefeated this year and are due for a loss. The Hurricanes are flying high right now and are bristling with confidence. What more can you say besides just sit back and enjoy!!

Go Canes!

Dave Mason

Joe Cocker