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Another One Bites The Dust

Another tough game, what can you say? The Flames out-played us, just that simple. That's 4 shutouts this year already and the end to our huge 2 game winning streak. Congrats to the Flames for their 8th win in a row at home. Oh well, I don't have much more to say about that game. Oops, I do have one more thing to say. When I am making a "bold prediction", that doesn't mean I am basing my prediction on any inside information or special knowledge. I had a hunch in my gut that Stillman might play last night. I was wrong. (maybe that gut feeling was just some undigested Chinese food) It means nothing more than me saying that I think Cole will dominate the Habs game or that Staal will score against the Bruins. My hunch's just make the game more interesting for me to follow and hopefully will give some readers more to chuckle about. I will try to make a "bold prediction" each and every game from now on. Maybe I'll keep track how often I'm wrong! Anyway, my guess about Cory playing was not meant to be an official announcement or anything, it was just a hunch so I hope a news service didn't take it the wrong way. Well, if they did it's their own fault! *L* Maybe I will turn out to be the official Hurricanes source of mis-information!

Tonight we go back to where we were for 3 games just last June, Rexall Place in Edmonton. Even though they have a depleted lineup, you better believe the Oilers and their nation will be fired up to play against us. Cam Ward will be back in the net tonight. I guess the rest of the lineup will remain the same, your guess is as good as mine. No predictions about who plays tonight! My bold prediction for this game is that we will score tonight! There will be no shutout!

Have you seen any of these men? I have one of their hard hats and need to return it to him! Seriously, I've never met a more gracious, more fun group of fans as the Oiler fans that came to the RBC last summer. What a blast. That's taking nothing away from other teams fans, especially you Flames fans who are great too, but on a personal level I just had so much fun with this group. They didn't feel the need to get in our faces, tell us that our team sucked, try to start fights, or cause damage to personal property. They just came, cheered loudly for their team, and had fun, and it made it fun for us too! Thank you again visiting Oiler fans for being the classy bunch you are.

Now back to the game tonight. MacTavish has even admitted this game is huge for the Oilers. The Canes will have to be on top of their game to stay in this one. This game reminds me of when we played Detroit the next season after losing to them in the finals in 2002. I'll steal a quote from someone, I'm not sure where I read it. That game was a playoff type game for us, but just another game for the Red Wings. I see the same thing tonight for the Oilers. I know almost exactly how they feel!

Briefly looking around the league, the Thrashers are red hot and have won 5 in a row. I was watching part of the game against the Leafs last night and wow, they put it on them in the 3rd period. 5 goals! There's no quit in that team right now. Atlanta has really been a 3rd period team so far this season. The Sabres are still looking good. I think we can keep up with the rest of the east right now, but we are dropping further behind these two, we are currently 7 behind Atlanta and 11 behind Buffalo. This road trip isn't helping matters but we have to find a way to grind out some points and get back to winning at home when we have the chance. Good luck to us tonight, we'll need it! Go Canes!