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The Canes need a remedy. It's hard to tell how much effort is really being spent when you watch a game on TV and I think the Canes tried harder last night than they did the previous, but they look tired and beat up right now. Eric Staal's legs are moving, but he's not going anywhere. A few of these guys look like they're skating in quick sand. They did have a few chances last night, especially Ray Whitney, but he couldn't get his stick on the puck when it mattered most. Now to top things off, our Captain is officially injured just as some fans suspected. Brindy left the game between the 2nd and 3rd periods with a lower body injury. He has been skipping many of the on ice practice sessions recently, so this is something we were all afraid of. Those who know Rod Brind'Amour know that he rarely skips a practice. Could playing 25 minutes a night finally be catching up with him? Laviolette will have to find another workhorse but I have no idea who it will be. As soon as I hear more about this I'll be sure to post it. There's more bad news. It seems that Cory Stillman had a setback and didn't skate yesterday in practice. The reported "setback" is unrelated to his shoulder, possibly his hip. We will have to follow that story as well.

Can anyone tell me how this mo-ron is still reffing games? Does he have naked pictures of Stephen Walkom, Director of Officiating? How many calls does he have to screw up before something is done? A couple of weeks ago he cost the Oilers a game by calling a hand pass that no one else saw right before a tying goal at the end of a game. He took the goal off the scoreboard even when replays showed nobody's hand came near the puck. Last night he missed obvious tripping penalties and a high stick to Mike Commodore which was at the blue line in open vision to everyone. It knocked Commie down and drew blood, but there was no call. Unbelievable. Although this morning's Edmonton Journal is reporting that a puck hit Commie, would Mike Commodore complain about that? It sure looked like a high stick to me and of course homers John and Tripp. I'm not saying it necessarily cost the Canes anything because the way our powerplay has been, we probably wouldn't have been able to score in 4 minutes having a 1 man advantage anyway, but hey you never know. The point is, the game should be called by the rulebook and Mick doesn't do it, for anyone. Later in the game out of pure frustration Justin Williams retaliated with a trip and someone could have gotten seriously hurt as tempers flared. All because the refs can't do their job. That's right Leggo, I'm talking to you too! The saddest part of it all is that the NHL considers Mick one of their best refs and he will probably call all the playoff games like in the past. Thank God he is usually out west! Most fans will agree, NHL officiating is in a sorry state of affairs.

Mick McGeough calls him SAFE at home!
I'll have a preview of our game Friday night against the Canucks of Vancouver later. Until then keep your heads up!

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