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Happy Boxing Day to our Canadian friends! The Canes are back to business tonight as Florida flies to town on game day to take on the Canes. Because of the Christmas break, teams were not allowed to travel yesterday which would have been normal procedure for visiting teams across the league. We'll have to watch and see if this affects the traveling players at all. We all know how several of them are creatures of habit and hate to change up their routines.  All of the home teams might have a distinct advantage tonight throughout the NHL.Â

Carolina has some unanswered questions on the injury front. Saturday night, defenseman Tim Gleason broke his foot and is expected to be on the injured reserve at least a month. That leaves us short a defenseman unless Nic Wallin or David Tanabe can play. Both are reported as being day to day decisions, but Wallin is closer than Tanabe. If neither of them can go, the Canes might be forced to call up newly acquired Mark Flood from Albany. So far there is no report or indication that has happened.  In other injury news, Kevyn Adams, Frank Kaberle, and Andrew Ladd are still out. Â

The good news is that Justin Williams has a 7 game scoring streak and seems to be at the top of his game. Ray Whitney has a 4 game streak of his own. The offense and the power play is looking better than it has all year since the return of Cory Stillman. Eric Staal is due for a big game and the 3rd line of Walker, Belanger, and Letowski has been looking good. The game might start out a bit flat tonight, so the crowd will be important and might be needed to get the guys into this contest. The game is not being televised in any market and won't even be on Center Ice, so you'll have to listen online, listen on the radio, or better yet just come to the game! Let's Go Canes!!

Greenday  Â