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Living in the Past

I created a new page and moved the mid season grades there because the information was too long and cumbersome to keep on the main page, plus I thought it would be easier to find here later in the season. It's located under the "Extras" section on the left margin, or just click here Mid Season Grades

Tonight's game update.........

Tonight the Canes are in Pittsburgh to take on the Pens. Bret Hedican and Kevyn Adams did not make the trip. Bret is suffering from the flu and Kevyn developed a staff infection in his injured wrist. Wallin injured something and is questionable, but made the trip. Andrew Ladd is expected to play tonight. There has been no report as to who will be in goal. Pittsburgh has been in a bit of a funk and is riding a 5 game losing streak. Let's hope the Canes make it number 6 tonight! It's brother versus brother as one Staal gets the chance to try to tutor the other. Don't forget about the Orpik and Cole controversy. That hit isn't something Erik and his team mates will forget about after one or two games, so there is always the chance for some extra stuff in that regard. It should be a good one. Let's Go Canes!

Jethro Tull