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Hair of the Dog

I think the Canes need to get a little bit of an attitude. Those of you who know this song will know what I'm talking about! Now you're messin with....the Stanley Cup Champs! Tonight the Champs will take on the Coyotes here in the friendly confines of the RBC Center. While the Yote's started off slowly, they have played very well lately and newcomer Mikael Tellqvist has played well in goal sporting a record of 5-2-2 since his acquisition from Leafland. He has a lifetime record of 3-1-1 against Carolina, so this will not be an easy game by any stretch. The boys will have to work hard tonight because I seriously doubt the Coyotes will play like dogs.

While I jumped on the guys for their effort in the Iron City, I realize it's not easy to "bring it" every single game. It's impossible on their bodies to have 49 hits every night. Staal isn't the only one mentally and physically tired, they all probably are. But that's what they make the big bucks for, to provide the extra effort needed to win games, or at least to make the games close. There have been a few meetings and heart to hearts among some players and coaches the past couple of days. We'll see if that sparks something. Hopefully, the home crowd can help provide some needed energy as well.

The Coyotes traded young vagabond Mike Comrie to the Senators yesterday for a Russian outcast I've never heard of before. In other words, it was a salary dump and first step to rebuilding (again)? It's hard to believe that they have given up on the season already, but the word is that they are shopping other players like Shane Doan, Ladislav Nagy, Jeremy Roenick, and others. You never know, could one of these players be a Hurricane in the near future? Good luck in getting rid of Roenick! Apparently he and coach Gretzky have made up, but they were publically butting heads earlier this year. Former Cane Mike Zigomanis has found a home with the Yotes, so look for his return and keep your fingers crossed he doesn't score on his old mates. For more expert analysis about this game and the Coyotes in general, check out what Cason has to say on CasonBlog. I wonder who he will be cheering for? It might be like choosing between your former love and your present love. Decisions Decisions!

As some of you may have noticed, I have been adding and moving things around on the blog recently. My mother has always claimed that the family has gypsy blood on my father's side and maybe this is my way of being unsettled. As you scroll down you will see pictures on both sides of players on the roster along with a link to their profiles on While the official Canes website has done a nice job on the profiles, they do not keep up to date statistics for the players. This has always bugged me, so I want to provide this information as well and will provide another link with each picture after I figure out the best way to do it. Also, I will find a way to list the conference standings so that we can track our playoff chances more easily.

I have named Ray Whitney as player of the month for December. It was a close choice between him and Justin Williams, but Ray had the better stats so he's the man. Perhaps in the future I will put up a poll and fans can vote for whomever they think deserves it. I had a couple of requests for Mike Commodore who certainly deserves consideration. If I put up a poll, just please, don't vote for Rory Fitzpatrick! Unlike the All Star Game, I take my player of the month selections very seriously!! *L* Speaking of Ray, ESPN has a good interview with him here on Facing Off. There is some pretty funny stuff from the ex Oiler stick boy.

See you at the game. Go Canes!!

UPDATE>>>> I just received an email from a source who says that Bret Hedican will undergo surgery tomorrow on his hand for a torn ligament and will be out for a month! OUCH! That doesn't help the blueline. Thanks for that email, even if it is bad news.

Also, Stillman is out for at least tonight with an upper body concern. Ryan Bayda is being recalled from Albany to fill in. This being reported on The hits just keep on coming.Â