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Bad Day

The game last night was bad. Very bad. It's always bad when you get shut out at home. I won't necessarily call out any lack of effort because I think they are trying out there, but they are missing something. Maybe passion. Maybe pride. I really don't know what it is, and it seems like Justin Williams and Mike Commodore don't have any answers either. In interviews after the game, both admitted the results we all are watching on the ice are not acceptable, but they don't know the reasoning for it or have any answers. Commie may have said it all without even realizing it. He said, "The past couple of nights, the other team has wanted it more than we did." That probably sums it up best right there.

Like I said, I really wasn't upset with the effort at first. While they gave up their obligatory goal in the opening minutes of the game, they did have some jump. I witnessed a few hits. (The power stat sheet had them at 37 hits for the night, though it didn't seem like that many.) At one point, they worked and worked and held the puck in the Yotes end for about a minute or so which stirred the crowd into a standing applause. But then, maybe they started gripping the sticks too tightly because I witnessed bad pass after bad pass. Passes to nobody. Passes to Coyotes. Weak passes that never had a prayer to make it to their intended target. I don't recall seeing so many soft, inept passes in one game.

Give the Coyote's some credit. They did exactly what they had to do. They got the lead and sat on it. In the meantime the Canes need to find what is ailing them. This is when the schedule was favorable. This is when they had a chance to play some teams that were supposedly not in the playoff hunt, teams they should do well against. Well, they are 0-3 against these teams and have yet to score a goal in 2007. Soon trade rumors will be swirling through Raleigh again because Jim Rutherford has never been one to sit on his hands and be patient while the team is stinking up the ice. Interesting times are ahead, wins or no wins. (hey I survived 2002-03, I can always find something interesting). Rutherford was quoted as saying the performance was "inexcusable" and we have not won a single period in the last 9 played. I won't argue with him. One thing for sure, people aren't going to keep paying 85 bucks a seat to watch hockey that's not much different than what you can see in the adult league at the RecZone for free.

To boo or not to boo, that is the question....

On the 850 the Buzz show, the Aftermath, several callers were sharing their opinions about booing the team. (yes, the team was booed off the ice) Also, some forums are discussing the topic. It's brother against brother and Caniac versus Caniac about this! But it's a shame this even has to be debated. I don't recall the last time the team was booed so lustily. For myself, I will boo the refs, (and yell and scream too), I will sometimes boo the other team, but personally I can't boo the Hurricanes. I moan and groan and talk to myself, but afterwards I just get quiet. Booing them just seems weird to me. It would be like booing my brother or sister if they screwed up. Not that I know any of the Hurricanes personally, but I do care for the team. When I ask them for autographs, they almost always respond with a smile. So now I'm going to boo them when they screw up and have a few bad games? Plus, this team won the Cup and provided me with the best sports moments of my life. That memory is still fresh in my mind. It's just not within me to boo them. But that's me. On the other hand, I would never dream of telling someone else they shouldn't boo. It's a free country, people can boo all they want to. I certainly understand it. So, if you want to boo, boo away. If you don't, then don't. But can't we all just get along?

One coaching rant.....Why is Andrew Ladd on the crap list? The kid played a minute last night. For crying out loud, is he that much worse than anyone else out there? Let the kid play, he's not going to get any better with his butt getting numb on the bench!! My next sign for the RBC....FREE ANDREW!!!

Losses I can understand, but what I would really love to see is some passion from the Canes, some indication that they really care. Chuck said it well on 620 this morning, what they need is an old fashioned hockey brawl. The only problem is, who has the fortitude or desire to participate in one?