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Stone Blue

Caniacs turned blue after watching the game last night. There were terrible turnovers, multiple mistakes, and sometimes an inexcusable lack of execution. Many of the boys seemed happier with dropping pretty passes behind them than they did trying to create plays in front of them. The main problem with that was that the Caps were waiting for those fancy drop passes and were able to steal many of them. They have one unhappy coach right now so tomorrow's practice could be interesting. The team had the day off today although tonight they are working as dealers for the sold out casino night which is now held annually for charity.

Over the weekend I received a couple of emails from some Canes Country friends/readers. One sent me a link to the blog of a Columbus Blue Jackets fan who attended the Blue Jackets/Sabres game in Columbus on Friday night. To paraphrase, let me just say that he wasn't thrilled with the visiting fans from Buffalo. Even though the Sabres lost the game, it didn't stop their fans from their typical boorish behavior. The last two sentences of his blog post were as follows: "I never had a reason to really hate them until last night. Now I can safely say that I will root against them for all of eternity". Strong words! Here is a link to his blog and the entire article. German Village Media - Sabres Fans Cross Swords. Thank you to Michael for sending that in!

Finally, I got word that the Carolina Hurricanes part-time anthem singer, 8 year old Katherine Fritsch, has been entered in CBS's The Early Show, Living Room Live "Kid's Edition!!". A video of her singing the "National Anthem" was sent in and it was selected to be shown this week which is week 8 of the competition. According to the website, the videos are shown Monday mornings, but my source tells me that her's will be shown this Tuesday morning. If you are interested, set your DVR's on both dates just in case. After showing the video on air, the videos are put on their website for further viewing and voting. She will be up against 2 other top notch competitors between the ages of 7 and 16. Whoever gets the most votes moves on to the next round. The link to the competition is here: The Early Show Living Room - Live. As soon as Katherine's video is listed on the site with the other week 8 contestants, I will put a link to it on the top of my right side bar so it will be simple for everyone to click to it, read the necessary information, and vote. I'm also going to create a separate page for Katherine in my "Extras" section which will make it easier for people searching for information about her to find it. Needless to say we will be tracking her progress here and hoping for the best. Good luck KK, your fellow Caniacs are 100% behind you! Katherine Fritsch fans, keep checking back here for the latest. Also, a big thank you to Tom for sharing this information.

That's it for today!

>>>>UPDATE>>>> I have just received word that Katherine's entry was rescheduled for next week, (February 6th), and will not be on this week. More info about that later.  Â