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Eyes Wide Open

I couldn't take my eyes off the game last night! It had to be one of the best "exhibition" games I've ever seen. Although, while it may have seemed like a meaningless preseason game for Carolina, it certainly wasn't for the Thrashers who ended up clinching the Southeast Division for the first time in their history with a 4-1 win. While the game seemed pretty boring at times, it did have a few good moments. But most importantly, the Canes looked as inept as ever on the power play and were not able to cash in on two lengthy 5 on 3 advantages. They also had a couple of open net opportunities when "Moose Hedberg" was down and out, but failed to take advantage of those chances as well. One thing about the Hurricanes this year, they certainly can not be called an opportunistic team! While the Canes didn't play as badly as they could have, the game lacked any drama or intensity and went pretty much as I expected it to right from the beginning. The Thrashers took an early lead just 3 minutes into the game, added to it 5 minutes later, and then scored again to make it 3-0 early in the 3rd.

The Hurricanes were able to find the back of the net one time on a power play as Anson Carter finally earned his first point as a Cane when he took a perfect feed from Cory Stillman and put it past the "Moose". Other than that, there wasn't much to cheer about for the home team. They will wrap up the season tonight against the Panthers who put a hurtin' on the Lightning last night 6-2. Believe it or not, the winner of this game earns 3rd place in the division! That's right, with a win Florida can actually pass Carolina over in the division standings. That's without Gary Roberts and Todd Bertuzzi, two guys who were supposed to be their top players earlier in the year. If the Hurricanes end up in 4rth place in this division, it truly will be considered a colossal collapse and a failure no one would have dreamed could happen earlier in the year. Hopefully the guys remember what some Panthers players said about them last week after their meltdown in Sunrise, Florida and use it for motivation. It's the last game of the season, there is no reason not to let it all hang out. I expect the Hurricanes to win this one. It's going to be a long off-season, let's enjoy this one if we can! Let's Go Canes!

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