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Rock and Roll Music to the World

Team USA begins it's quest to win the World Championships today as they take on Team Austria in Moscow. A picture of Erik Cole making his signature move graces the front page of the WCSN. Team Canada plays Germany tomorrow.

(Update)... I see that Team USA won the game 6-2! Looks like they are starting off on a good note.

Carolina Hurricanes forward, Ray Whitney reportedly had successful shoulder surgery earlier this week and will now undergo 3 months of rehabilitation. He is supposed to be ready for training camp in September. There is still no word about signing Scott Walker. No news is definitely bad news for Caniacs. There is a rumor that Rutherford offered him a 2 year deal at 4 million, (2 million per year), but Scott is seeking closer to 3 million a year or 3.5. If that is true I can't blame either of them, but I think 3 million a year is too much for Scottie. If JR is really at a 4 million dollar offer for 2 years, I think that's pretty fair. But you can't blame Walker for trying for more. We'll see what happens.

There's not much else to report for now. Have a great weekend!

Alvin Lee, Ten Years After