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Madison Blues

Team Canada had Team USA and John Grahame singing the blues yesterday. It was 4-0 after the first period, 5-1 after the 2nd, then Grahame was pulled. Also during the game, Erik Cole had to be helped off the ice with a leg injury. It was a just bad day all around for the Americans. The final score was 6-3. Did I jinx Grahame by putting the pic of his mask up the other day? Sorry Johnny! The good news is that USA is still in the quarterfinals and gets to redeem themselves on Thursday against Team Finland. Canada plays against Switzerland earlier in the day. In the other bracket, Russia plays against the Czech Republic while Sweden takes on Slovakia on Wednesday. For more information you can check this out.

The surviving teams in the NHL playoffs are ready to move on to the next round. Buffalo takes on Ottawa in what could be a real blood bath. Remember the last couple of times these two teams met, especially the one in Buffalo? Neil laid out Drury, Ruff sent out the goons to rough up Spezza and Heatley, the coaches tried to get at each other through the glass, and we got to see a real honest to goodness donnybrook which even included the goalies fighting each other and in Ray Emery's case, taking on other players as well. This could very well be a classic series. I'm going to pick the Senators to move on to the Cup finals. Ottawa in 6.

The Red Wings eliminated the Sharks to win the honor of taking on the Ducks in the Western Finals. I have to give the Wings credit. They have been playing much better than I thought they would. The Ducks are playing unbelievable hockey though and it's tough to pick against them. Anaheim in 7.

In my picks for the last round I broke even, 50/50. I correctly picked the Sabres over the Rags, but should have stuck with my heart and messed up picking the Devils to beat the Sens. The Sharks looked unbeatable to me earlier, but fell apart against the Wings. My all California final never came to fruition. I was right though in picking the Ducks over Vancouver. That gives me a prediction total of 8 winning series along with 4 losers. I guess it's not time to quit my day job to lay odds over at Vegas just yet!

George Thorogood and the Destroyers