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Mama, I'm Coming Home

Team USA lost a tough game to Finland today and is officially on their way back home. After repeatedly falling behind but being able to catch up each time, the game ended tied 4-4 in regulation. The contest eventually went to a shoot out which Jere Lehtinen won for Finland. The good news is that Erik Cole returned to play this game, and played well. Chad LaRose and Andrew Hutchinson both had good tournaments. John Grahame started out well for the Americans but ended up having some troubles. It was another disappointing World Championships for USA, but there is always next year. Let's just hope no Hurricanes players are in it! Here is another shot of Grahame's mask, this time with a puck flying by it.

In other news, the Ottawa Senators dismantled the Buffalo Sabres in game one of the Eastern Conference Championships tonight. The Sens outshot Buffalo in each and every period and wound up with 34 shots to the Sabres 20. Team co-captains Daniel Briere and Chris Drury had one official shot between them. Needless to say, things will have to change drastically if Buffalo is going to make a series of this. They had too many giveaways and their powerplay has been pathetic. I look for a different Buffalo team on Saturday, but it still won't be easy because the Senators are legit!

There is still nothing new from the Hurricane's front office. It seems obvious that Scott Walker will be testing the free agency market. Rutherford made it clear about a month ago that he wanted to sign Walker, but since the deal isn't done yet there's no reason for Scott not to wait until July at this point. If the Canes lose Walker, they better have a good "plan B" on the backburner. Walker was one of just a few consistent positive forces on the ice for the Canes this past, disappointing year. Hopefully, "plan B" will stand up for his team-mates like Scottie did.

Ozzy Osbourne