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Takin' Care of Business

The Ottawa Senators are really "takin care of business" concerning the Buffalo Sabres so far this series. While the past 2 games have had close scores, the games in total really haven't been that close. The Senators have pretty much dominated this whole series. They have out-shot the Sabres in all but 2 periods that have been played. They have out-hit the Sabres. They have certainly out-hustled them. Buffalo has not looked at all like the dominating team they were during the regular season, but to be honest, they have not played at a consistently high level yet this entire playoffs. Against the Islanders, they played just well enough to win. Against the Rangers it was the same thing. But, "just well enough" isn't cutting it against the Senators.

From what I have seen by skimming through various forums, many in the Sabre's nation have turned on their team. I can understand the disappointment, especially when many of the fans had been celebrating a Cup win months ago, but it's not over til it's over. It sure looks gloomy as hell though! I still remember the Buffalo excuses from last year when they lost to the Canes, such as "we lost because our top defensemen were all injured". The way some of their "top defensemen" have played in this series, maybe they would be better off bringing back the dudes from Rochester who filled those roles from last year? At least they were willing to throw their bodies in front of pucks to block a few shots! We'll see what these Sabres are made of in game 4. Will they play like it could be the most important game of their lives, or will they look like the uninspired bunch that meandered through game 3, a game where they could only muster 15 shots on goal in what was the most important game of the season so far? We will see.

Speaking of "takin care of business", CanesCountry has it's first official sponsor! A representative of TICKCO, a national ticket broker, sent us an email a couple of weeks ago asking about sponsorship, advertising, and promotion opportunities. We have never advertised on this site before, but we are not necessarily against doing it. One thing we will promise you, our readers, is that you will never have to suffer through "pop up ads", or other obtrusive advertising. Any advertising that we place on this site will be secondary to our normal content, it will not be the primary focus. One good thing for readers of CanesCountry is that part of our agreement with TICKCO includes a free ticket giveaway to a Hurricanes game at some point next season! We have not decided how to handle that yet, but look for more information regarding a Canes tickets giveaway at some point in the future!! Personally, I have never done business with TICKCO before, so if anyone has purchased tickets from them please provide me some feedback or send me an email. In the meantime, if you do need tickets for any sporting event or concert, please check them out. They will even have tickets for the Staney Cup Finals which are always sold out! Just click on their logo on the right sidebar for more information or on the Stanley Cup Tickets link under it after the schedule is announced. Thanks goes to Brian over at TICKCO. Hopefully everyone, especially our readers can benefit from this new relationship!

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