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Dirty White Boy

I looked up the definition of a dirty hockey player in the dictionary. Look whose name appeared! Watch for Chrissy Pronger to get his 2nd suspension of this year's playoffs after tonight's elbow to the head to Dean McAmmond. Sure, his apologists will come out of the woodwork and say how it was unintentional, or that it's not his fault that he's so tall, and yadda yadda yadda...bottom line, he stuck his elbow out. While he's never been the smartest player in the league, he's got to know better than that. Now I know why so many fans would hate to see his name ever get on the Cup. Sens fans should thank him though. It looks like that dirty hit to the head woke up the Sens and unified them. Let's just hope McAmmond is okay and can return to action. I'm sure Pronger will be suspended but since this is his second major infraction recently, in my opinion it should be for more than 1 game this time. I'd love to see the rules changed to level the playing field a bit on plays like this. If it's ruled that a player hurt another player because of an illegal play and the player is suspended, the suspension should be for as long as the other player is injured and can't play. Fair is fair. Somehow someway, the NHL has to try harder to stop dirty, cheap hits like this before someone gets paralyzed.

Way to make a series out this Senators, Pronger just gave me another reason to cheer for you. Now even things up Monday night! Go Sens Go!


(last pic from Kukla's Korner)