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The NHL general managers held their meeting in Ottawa yesterday. Isn't it ironic that most of the meeting was spent discussing illegal hits to the head and how to stop them? One idea discussed is to make a rule that will assess an automatic minor penalty for any hit to the head. At least that will make the ref's job a bit easier so that they will have to call something when a player is knocked unconscious to the ice instead of standing there like dummies pretending they didn't see anything. But will the proposed new rule actually help reduce the increasing number of concussions in league play? The cynic in me says no, but at least it's a small step in the right direction. Most GM's seem to think something could be done in this respect before the season starts next year. Duck's general manager Brian Burke was quoted as saying, "I think we owe it to our players to try". We also owe it to the players to keep thugs like Chris Pronger on a short leash, don't ya think so Burkie? There is a good recap of the meeting here at TSN. Apparently they also briefly chatted about changing the number of players used in playoff over-time periods from 5 each team to 4, like they do in the regular season. That idea was dismissed for now.

Believe it or not the half-baked idea of using a larger net was still on the meeting agenda. Remember this lunacy from 2 years ago? It was a joke back then and I can't believe that they are still discussing it now! The best players in the world need a larger net to shoot at than everyone else? In my opinion, the NHL should use the same size nets that the mites use, the squirts use, the juniors and colleges use, and everyone else uses. The net size should be universal. This is just another reason to hate the Sabres because this was their moronic idea. No dis-respect to those of you who might support this, but I just can't believe this ridiculous idea is still on their agenda.

The Ducks dismantled the Sens last night to take a 3-1 lead in the series. There's no arguing that the Ducks have controlled more of this series than the Sens have, and they look like the better team. Anything is still possible, but I admit it doesn't look good for Ottawa. Is it just me, or does the NBC staff have a love-fest with everything and anything the Ducks do? I have always hated Brett Hull, and having to listen to his commentary irritates me to no end. He's another one of those arrogant jerks who thinks they know it all. He had the nerve to stick up for Pronger and say that he shouldn't have been suspended? Oh yeah, and the reason McAmmond was knocked out was because he has had previous concussions and is more susceptible to them? It had nothing to do with Pronger's elbow? Please, please, someone put a gag on him! Would it be asking too much for just a shred of unbias reporting when covering this series? Maybe it's just me who feels this way? Enough ranting for one day, ciao!

Alanis Morissette