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Can't Buy Me Love

Will Captain Canada soon turn into Captain America? In news of the day so far, the New York Islanders bought their way out of Alexei Yashin's highly inflated contract, releasing them from the last 4 years of his original 87.5 million dollar, 10 year deal. TSN has the details here. Of course the speculation is that they are freeing up some money to lock up highly sought after free agent, Ryan Smyth. It wouldn't surprise me to see number 94 on the Island for many years to come. Does Garth Snow have another one of those 15 year contracts handy? It might take that kind of deal to lure Smyth away from testing the lucrative free agent market in which he'll be one of the top commodities sought after in the league.

Tonight the Ducks will try to finish off the Senators in Anaheim and win the Cup in front of their fans. Will Ottawa lay down, or will they come out fighting? Many of their fans aren't happy with them or their captain right now. Hopefully it will be a great game one way or the other.

Yesterday, Erik Cole, Craig Adams, and Andrew Hutchinson of the Hurricanes played a "street hockey" game with some kids of the Make a Wish Foundation at the RBC Center. It's nice to see many of the guys still in town and continuing to participate in charity events. More information was provided here in the News and Observer. That's all I've got for now. Happy Hump Day!

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