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Anyway You Want It

Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it. That's the way David Chase feels anyway. Instead of giving Soprano's fans some closure, he left it up to each and every one of us to write our own endings with his "blank screen" ending last night. "That's genius!" some people are saying. I wonder if my boss would feel "it's genius" if I left my next project incomplete at the end and allowed him to draw his own conclusions. Somehow I doubt it! At least viewers didn't walk away from the last show in tears, which is what would have happened if Tony or one of the immediate family members got whacked. I will certainly miss the show, it's been one of my favorites for several years now.

Back to hockey! I'm nearly finished with my free agent and salary listing. Tomorrow I will post and review the list and start making a Cane's "wish list". The rumors are flying around all the rumor sites, but there's nothing much concerning Carolina. Sabres fans must be concerned though. There's talk that they could lose both Drury and Briere. Drury supposedly wants to go to the west coast. Briere could end up anywhere really, whoever comes up with the highest offer. If I was in Buffalo, I would make every effort to keep Chris Drury. I think that he is the heart and soul of that team, and if he goes that is a huge, irreplaceable loss even if they keep Briere. It will be very interesting to see what happens. But like the Walker negotiations here, the longer Drury goes unsigned the better chance there is that he will sign elsewhere.

One thing I find interesting during all of this, how do agents and teams handle these negotiations when the rules say there should be no free agent "tampering" until July 1st? Now watch, on July 1st there will be signings almost immediately. Are we supposed to believe that all the negotiating took place on that very day and the decisions regarding the deals were made instantaneously? We're not that stupid NHL! I think almost everyone is out there "tampering" at this point in time and testing the market a bit.

Happy Monday all....